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Tasting hobby

Tasting as a Hobby


In the world of tasting as a hobby, there are infinite extensions that distinguish between each one of them, since it is basically a matter of tasting a final product after its elaboration and have the ability to differentiate the content and if it is at the appropriate cooking point or in the case of fermentation wines.


Ways to taste as a hobby

• Tasting the flavor of a food or drink, basically focuses on tasting a food or drink and deducing the content and if it is appealing to a specific audience, whether it is properly cooked or prepared. This form is highly analytical as it basically concentrates all your taste senses on identifying the sensations and flavors that are present in the dish or drink.

• Rating, is the method that is based on judging as a jury if the dish is appropriate, commonly this form is used for competition, in which it should be qualified if the final product is relevant enough to a market in an important or exclusive place, here is judged the presentation, texture, flavor, and ingredients that were used for it. This form focuses mainly on the technique and its agglomerate.

• Tasting for pleasure: Basically, this type of tasting is for hobbies rather than professionalism, as it tries to enjoy the food and drink offered by the product, meaning that all people who enjoy a meal are tasters for pleasure. However, there are people who try different foods as hobbies without receiving any remuneration or recognition.

Preparation to be a good taster

• Practice regularly, depending on your specialty, have your own practice team in which you have fragrances, essences, seeds, among others, because they are the most difficult to distinguish, so you will have much more ease to differentiate each one of them; one of the most used exercises in the world of tasting as a hobby, is to blindfold your eyes and have an assistant that gives you an essence of your choice and you can differentiate which one is without any problems.

• Concentrate on developing your senses as much as possible, since it is up to them to know what they taste, and if it is in the best conditions.

• Drink water constantly, the water will help cleanse your taste buds without adding an extra taste to it.

• It is important that you open yourself to the possibility of tasting as many flavours as possible, remember that if you want your greatest hobby to be to taste, you must understand that the more flavors the more extensive your knowledge will be.

• Be a complementary person and be instructed about everything related to the product you will consume, from where it comes from, to how it was made since the quality of it depends on it.

With these basic tips you can start your hobby as a taster, so encourage yourself to be part of this wonderful world.


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