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Tatting hobby

Tatting as a Hobby


The tatting is a certain type of lace that has been doing for several years. Many people have developed new techniques to create figures and much more using only a needle and a thread. It is also an excellent way to spend free time and if you really like it, you can create your own designs and lace and make this your favorite hobby.


What is Tatting?

Tatting is a lace technique that takes a series of tools and styles a little different from the techniques of common place. With this technique, fabrics are made with many round shapes and special materials must be used to achieve such effects.

A shuttle is a small instrument with a slight tip similar to crochet or crochet.
Thread: Its thickness will be in correspondence with the activity to be carried out and the naveta to be used, but preferably fines are used to highlight the delicacy of the work carried out.


How to Start Tatting?

• Familiarize yourself with the threads that are used for tatting. Suitable threads can be crochet cotton and mercerized cotton. The threads can be purchased online as in craft stores.

• Get shuttles for tatting. Currently, they are made of plastic. Start with modern shuttles.

• Learn how to roll the shuttle. Wind the thread around the spool in the center of the shuttle. If there is a hole in the center of the spool, insert the thread through the hole and tie a knot before starting the project. Keep in mind that in some cases the reel is removable. Do not wind the thread beyond the edge of the shuttle.

• Take a shuttle with a pointed end and 2 balls of mercerized cotton. Roll up as described above.

• Take the shuttle in the right hand, between the thumb and the second finger, and allow the index to remain free.

• Place the bottom of the shuttle between the second and third fingers and on the middle finger.

• Pass the thread around the three middle fingers of the left hand, in order to form a ring. Keep the second and third finger slightly apart, and bring the thread back between the thumb and forefinger, letting it fall into the palm of the hand, while the end of the thread, which clings to the shuttle, passes over the nail of the thumb.

• Try different points of tatting. Once you have become familiar, start with the basic points, such as a double stitch, rings, chains, etc.

• Understand how to do an inverted job. In the tatting, you can notice that the rounded end of the ring on which you are going to work looks up. However, you can produce an interesting effect if you turn your work up first and then down. The indications will say inverted work. To do this, once you have made the ring, turn it over so that the base of the ring looks up and the new ring is worked as usual with the ringside facing up.

• Start your tatting project. First, make the edges and inserts. You can get several ideas on the internet.


Tatting can be a pretty entertaining hobby where you can spend a lot of time. That is why it is recommended for people who have enough free time and can make or create unique designs.


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