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Terrarium as a Hobby


Many people might think that they are "wasting their time", and sometimes they get confused with leisure; but in reality a hobby beyond being an activity that entertains and is done by vocation is really a tool that helps improve physical and mental health, stimulating and promoting well-being.


A hobby must entertain without disrespecting or annoying others. The fact is that Terrarium as a hobby is loved a lot by people and they think that it is so far the healthiest activity to do

But before knowing anything we must know what Terrarium as a hobby and what a Terrarium as is?

In general lines, the most appropriate form of a terrarium is the traditional rectangular prism (if they are manufactured like this, it will be something). This design adapts to the installation of most accessories without any problem (mats, lighting, buckets of water ...) and the animal takes better advantage of the surface.


Although the terrarium can be constructed in other forms (with pentagonal, triangular base ...) they are not so adequate since either the animal takes more advantage of the space available (as in the case of triangular or corner terrariums) or has a greater number of blind angles where mysteriously tend to accumulate remains that are then difficult to clean.


Why should you have Terrarium as a hobby?

• They serve to expand and develop our capabilities and allow us to know our virtues.

• They help us to "disconnect" from stress and everyday life.

• They are perfect against depression, anxiety, and nervousness.

• They help prevent diseases such as Alzheimer's.

• They encourage discipline, creativity, and healthy competition.

• Contribute to mental balance and self-control.

• They are cathartic and positive for health.

• Improve social life and quality of life.

Terrarium as a hobby is a very nice project in which he creates terrariums, sculptures, ponds and many more things related to plants, the garden, and parks.


Here is the step by step, who is encouraged?


• Glass container

• Cactus and succulents

• Substrate: Gravel, leaf soil, compost, and coal.


First, you must look for a glass container; this must be firm, as it must resist the weight of the substrate, the weight of the plants and the weight of the water. Then you must put a layer of gravel in its bottom for drainage (this can be river stones or quartz, whichever you prefer). Then you should mix the substrates (leaf soil, compost, and coal). Once mixed, pour it into the container. With about 25 cm the plants will be OK.

Then choose the plants you want to put and distribute them so that they are separated from each other (the succulents grow fast so that 5cm will be fine). Move them with the earth so that it is ordered and horizontal, if necessary you should go putting more mixture of the substrates.


Once it is ready you can put a colored stone and then water it. To finish, you can put an object to give it another scale. What did you think? Easy hard? 

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