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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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The Hobby of making your own Topiary


This one of the most entertaining hobbies you can find that will truly help you to express your creative vein.

Topiaries not only enhances your yards with an artful touch but also enhances your home's curb appeal and adds value to it (should you ever decide to sell your home).

But not everything is about money, yes, it's a proven fact that having amazing topiaries it's a good aesthetic investment, also as a hobby, it has some major impact in terms of emotional well-being and Health.

Another positive thing about this hobby is how environmentally friendly it is. Why? Well, topiaries are made out of plants, and what do plants do? They create oxygen which we need for you know, breathing and existing.


They do this by absorbing carbon dioxide and converting it into oxygen directly into your air supply, surrounding your house with plants it's a good idea, but making topiaries out of them is an even better idea.

You'll be enhancing your life and your family's by taking this simple hobby.

Besides its essential role in maintaining a healthy planet, the practice of topiary reminds us of what is good for the planet. Many products used in our household contain harmful chemicals to the environment but are necessary for us. Through topiary and gardens, we set our selfs on a mission to positively counterbalance these harmful emissions we produce.

Artistic topiaries create a visual feast for an entire neighborhood like nothing else. making your yard appealing and attractive. It helps to ease stress and anxiety for everyone, just make sure that your topiaries have the correct type and size for your yard.

For all these reasons a more, you'll find yourself falling in love with making Topiaries as a hobby. If you don't have an idea on how to start, you can use the information here and expanded with the help of books and magazines related to the topic.

Let's say you are planning to make your own Topiaries with some vining plants, then the first thing to do is choose the form, so your vining plant can crawl up and cover the shape.

Choosing the right vining plant is also very important, English Ivy is the most commonly used because of fast it can grow and how it tolerates many conditions, also Periwinkle and Boston Ivy are good choices.

You may want to fill the form with sphagnum moss, although not necessary it will help your topiary take on a fuller look much faster.

Remember to plant the vine around the form, whether you want a potted topiary or an outdoor topiary on the ground, you must always plant the vines around the form so it can grow up and cover the form.

Train and prune accordingly, as the vines grow, train them to the form by helping them wrap around it, and prune those shoots that cannot be wrapped around it.


Truly a fascinating hobby to spend your mornings or afternoon, in your garden, relaxing and forgetting about the troubles of the world. 

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