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Treasure hunting as a Hobby


Mining, Gems Search, and Fossils are Expeditions for Treasure Hunting as a Hobby That Keeps You Busy 

People have been enjoying the thrill of treasure hunting for ages. Today, many are turning treasure hunting as a hobby, which is fun for people of all ages. If you aren’t sure of what to search for, look into the map of the places you’d be visiting. Find out about the interesting locations there.


Consider planning a trip to one of these very popular mines, rich in a certain type of mineral ore. The site may be laden with precious metals such as gold or even valuable stones like rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and more. In rare cases, you may set out to treasure hunt for fossils that have an interesting history associated with it.

Mine diggers

The possibilities of planning a treasure hunt are varied. For those who wish to embark on a treasure hunting expedition, you can also share your hobby with a family trip.


Getting everybody involved means that you’re essentially up for great fun and a nice family bonding too! Of course, there are various techniques to search for precious stones and metals of value. With kids, panning is still very much used.


This old technique will not route you some great gold ore to dig, but you can get to know a lot about the place in general. It will also become a learning expedition after all!

Gems fetish

If you prefer hunting for precious gems, there are lots of options for mining in various parts of the world. Rubies and emeralds are available in plentiful whose exact value you should know first. There are several places that allow visitors to try their luck in treasure hunting.


Be very careful to avoid those sites that mix gemstones (few fake too) and salt in order to let visitors find at least something.

Knowing that your location isn’t prepped up though hardens the hunting task, ultimately makes it a great experience if you happen to find something valuable. You can obtain supply tools for the job or even buy one yourself. Many premier sites do keep the required tools. So, you do not have to make a purchase after all!

Fossil find

Fossils are yet another exclusive collectibles that you can build your repository of treasure hunted stuff. Dig out fossils from stones and rocks, which may be lying engraved there for thousands of years.


Consult an archeologist at the site for some information. It is a great way to understand the value of your find in history and take your hobby to more advanced levels.

As a hobbyist, you will be amazed to discover the plentiful of substances you can unearth. With every dig, you will have great stories to tell. Try out the various treasure hunting locations all over the world.


These are great activities that you can do with your family in the past time. Make sure to record your experiences with others who perform these searches. In fact, before long you know there will be an audience eager to listen to your tales. 

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