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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Video collecting hobby

One game to collect them all… The Hobby of collecting Video Games

Gamers of all ages, rejoice, you have begun a Hobby and you had no idea, or maybe you did. If you find yourself unable to part ways with your games, guides, magazines and other gaming memorabilia you are a Collector.

Video game collecting is an extraordinary world, vast and always expanding.

Starting out this hobby is like starting out collecting cars, you have a mindset on what you want, what games, what consoles, what series, but you need to focus, this isn't a cheap Hobby and you can get lost very easy, very soon.

An easy way in is with Nintendo and everything related to Donkey Kong, Zelda or Kirby. They could be your main focus as you are a beginner at this, a level one in gamer talk.

The internet is a great source of information, so do your research well. It will help you determine what pieces you are missing and which ones you already have, create a checklist and you are good to go. Search for prices on the titles you want.

As with any collecting hobby, your next step will be to set yourself a budget. You need to be reasonable about how much you can invest in a month or a year unless you are planning on eating air for next few weeks.

Be sure about what it is you are looking for. Depending on how particularly interested you are about the quality of your findings there are some aspects to bear in mind:

Condition: You'll always need to thoroughly inspect a used game. Is the label falling off? is it scratched? (in case of a CD), don't go wasting your hard earn money, always make sure to check the game.

Function: Make sure the game Works, demand a test run from the seller.

It's important to know where to look for collectible games. Friends and Family are always a good option, many of them could have some hidden treasures in their attics or basements, now, they may not give them away for free, but at least you'll be sure to get them a lot cheaper.

Garage Sales are another good source of collectible material. Garage sales go to ways, number one, you're buying is dirt cheap because the seller doesn't care or has no idea what it is or how much is worth or number two, what you want is ridiculously over price because the seller knows its business and probably doesn't wanna sell it.

If you are blessed with option number 1, then buy as many as you can.

If you are condemned with option number 2, then pick your battle, if the game is a priority on your list, then you can try to talk them down.

The beauty of garage sales is that you really never know what you are going to find and that can be very rewarding at times and frustrating too.


A great hobby for young and old gamers indeed, there a still amazing wonders in the gaming industry history that you can find out there. 


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