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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Water Polo Player

Water polo as a Hobby


Water polo is an intriguing hobby that’s a fantastic sport based on swimming, shooting and jumping out of the water. This sport is thought to have originated in Scotland in the late 19th century as more of a “water rugby”. This is a broad-scoped game that includes swimming, passing on the ball and making a goal. Well, the goalkeeper plays the most important part of the game. The water lovers really enjoy shooting the ball while staying in water all the time.


How is water polo a fun hobby?

Do you want to toss your ball all the time? What about tossing while staying in water all the time where you can flow easily from one part of the court to the other? Doesn’t it seem fascinating? Yes, it really is in reality.


The game may seem tough but who won’t love the challenges. It has been reported that those who play water polo as a hobby are really great at decision making, thought processing and risk-taking.


As the game trains you all over and helps you control your mind and body at the same time. You learn to organize yourself.


You may be an intimidating, thin guy but once you get in this game you will see the changes it will make to your body and how it boosts your confidence through every round of the game.


The fear of water won’t be an obstacle anymore.

You may stress out while landing first time in the pool and your opponents may make it more difficult for you. But once you get over your fears you can easily face the challenges and can see beyond the looks.


Just keep going, keep your motivations high and see yourself winning every round.


That will be a real excitement and fun thing to do in your spare time instead of just laying on your bed.

Water polo is a kind of game that seeks all your attention. You need to focus on your ball and shoot it when the right time comes. So, in real life, it teaches you to focus on your goals and let you all-in wherever you are, no halfway there.


You need be completely in while playing a game or making a decision of your life. These were some of the secret impacts of water polo on your mind and body. the rest you will discover once you jump in the pool.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a ball and jump into a pool to become a great water polo player. It teaches you teamwork and helps you socialize with others too. It is really cost-effective and for every age group but make sure the pool is of your size.



Water polo is a fun of two things together: swimming and shooting the ball. The game really demands all your attention and strength which makes it tough, challenging and worth-playing 5 days a week. 


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