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Water sports hobby

Water sport as a Hobby


The water sports are all those sports or disciplines that are performed in the water, and where the athlete performs any type of maneuver in it. Water is a resource that most countries have and that is why many people opt for water sports as a hobby or even come to practice as a profession.


However you are looking to practice it, here we have the 10 most practiced and impressive water sports.


Some water sports as a hobby

There is a wide variety of water sports as a hobby for those lovers of the sea and adventurers looking for a little or maybe a lot of adrenaline when it is about practicing some sport. As we mentioned before, water is a resource that we find anywhere, beaches, seas, pools, lakes, rivers... Where depending on the sport, the water should or should not have a corresponding wave, height, etc. To know what aquatic sports you would like to practice, these are the favorites of the public:

1. Swimming: Let's start with the most basic, it is a discipline that consists of swimming in different styles, which can be exercised by anyone in the everyday, until being taken to Olympic competitions, where the competition is based on performing different styles of swimming or it is a specific one, individually or in group.


It is a highly helpful activity, because it develops a better functioning in the lungs, in addition to patience and synchronization.

2. Synchronized swim: For everything exist an specific sport, and if we talk about synchronization of movements, this Olympic discipline is just its definition, it consists on swimming together with a group of people, where everyone must carry a similarity of agreed steps previously, in order to show a rhythmic and graceful choreography in the view of the jury or the audience. If you like water and coordination, this is your sport without a doubt.

3. Waterpolo: Are you a soccer fan and do you like water a lot? This sport will fascinate you. Waterpolo is a sport quite similar to soccer but in a pool, since it consists of two arches and two teams trying to put a ball in the arch of their opponent.


The curious and probably the greatest difficulty of the sport is that you must have great strength in the muscles and know how to swim very well because it is forbidden to touch the bottom of the pool and that is why they usually measure from 1.80 meters onwards.

4. Surfing: Now going to the sea specifically, we have surfing. A sport that consists of holding on the waves making impressive turns on a board. It is a very commercial sport because many people practice it and allow you to meet new people with similar tastes or just share and have a good time with your friends. Surfing has several subdivisions that make it more fun and interesting.

5. Windsurf: The first derivative that we will mention of surfing, and consists of holding on a board similar to the surf with a sail, which will give direction and speed to the vehicle according to the wind, with it as in the surf you can slide, only with faster and perform different tricks than you usually do with surfboards only. It is a version of improved surfing in short. What do you think?

6. Riversurf: Another derivative of surfing, which is for all those surf lovers who have not practiced due to the lack of waves in the sea, this is a practical solution, since it consists of surfing the waterfalls caused by the immobile objects of the rivers such as rocks, or surf between them.

7. Wakeboarding: It is the displacement of a person on a board driven by a rope that is pulled in turn by a boat or a water bike, where you can do any amount of maneuvers and acrobatics, ensuring the complete fun and adrenaline experience you are looking for. Surfing the waves, you will feel more alive than ever.

8. Kitesurf: This sport is recognized worldwide and many competitions are attributed to it, it consists of sliding on the water with a board adjusted to your feet, driven by a kind of parachute that according to the wind will know if it is favorable to practice it or not.


This discipline trains the body very well, like any sport, but apart it offers you a time of relaxation, enjoying a distraction and that does not require great experience to mount it as a beginner, and for that, we invite you to try this fun way of surfing.

9. Rowing: Basically, it is a sport where individually or in groups, you must sit opposite to the direction of movement and through an oar to push the boat, with the operation of a simple lever. This sport is recognized worldwide as many as herein the list. It requires great muscular strength since the competitions are usually of speed, nevertheless, some tourist sites offer experiences in oars, where you can take a break, go calmly and simply enjoy the scenery.

10. Bodyboard: We will close the list with a brother of surfing. This activity consists of sliding on a board smaller than the surf, more flexible composition and does not pass the navel, lying on it, where with a few practices you can start to gain unforgettable experiences and emotions.


An activity that you can practice with your friends or social group, your family members on a day trip. Do not wait so long and try it!


How you saw, there are too many water sports, some of them were called before but there are a lot and you should try one of them any day. The water sports as a hobby as a profession must be practiced carefully, just like the other sports, everything has a little of danger, but what is life without it? You just have to practice and you will do everything you want to.

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