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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Family Board Game

Board game as a Hobby



Board games, as the name implies, are games that are played on a flat surface or on a board, usually played by two or more players, following the agreed rules set by the game, where you can show your mental agility or artistic dexterity, or see how good your luck is when you are playing table random game.Here we are going to let you practice on some board games as a hobby that you should opt for someday.

In the broad history of a man, the games of tables have been a way of union and fun for families and friends to have a good time together.

Some Board games as a hobby

These are the best known and probably the most played. Surely you've already heard of at least one of them.

1. Chess:Topping this list is nothing more and nothing less than one of the first games of tables in the history of the man that is not only a board game but it’s also a sport, a sport that is practiced and is taken to state, national and international competitions, or simply played with a good friend, but that does not stop developing your mental agility while you have fun and playing in a group.

Its main objective is to defeat the '' King '' piece opponents without being defeated; demonstrating your mental and strategic agility without losing the fundamental or higher scoring pieces. It originated in Europe in XV century.

2. Cards: It is a set of rectangular cards or plastic material, illustrated with aces or cups that offer the player a variety of games which some are Poker, Basket, Tute and Mus that we invite you to try because they are fun ways to pass the time with your friends. You can play cards with bets to make the game more interesting. It sounds good, right?

3. Monopoly: Another famous board game, which has managed to reach all corners of the world; a real estate board game that tries to build your own empire, with the board's available properties where you will make clear your ability to strategize and carry them out, to be the best businessman and owner of everything in the game. Whether the original game was created in the United States, you can get different monopolies with buildings from different countries of the world. Dare to try the game of entrepreneurs and discover your capabilities.

4. Domino: It is a Board Game with white rectangular tiles divided into two squares engraved with points from 0 to 6 in each division, whose purpose is to be the winner by finishing the game without having any piece in hand or coming to lock the game for not having more chips of same number and among all being the smallest numerical number; domino emerges from dice games, although the current form comes to be represented in the XVIII. It is one of the preferred even also at present because it is easy to handle and transport, and that allows you to share with anyone since it is also easy to understand.

5. Puzzle: It consists of putting together an image that is divided into a certain number of pieces that, by assembling all those pieces, the whole image will be reflected; the puzzle has its origin in the year 1900. In a short time became one of the hobbies of a large mass of fans and society, because the curiosity to know what the image is one of the emotions that drives the practice of the game and that makes it fun and competitive between any of the members; however, also one of the benefits of this board game is that you do not necessarily need another person to play it, you only need one. Let's play it!

6. Backgammon: This board game is for two players with a great strategy effort; Backgammon is one of the oldest games created under the Persian Empire invented in Egypt Mesopotamia. The objective of the game is to draw a large amount of chips from the board by casting the dice before the other player. A competitive and interesting game.

7. Checkers: It is very similar to chess, with the only difference been in the displacement of the chips that go diagonally eating or capturing the opponent's chips through black or white squares with strategic skills and tactics.

8. Chinese checkers: Also called '' Chinese star '', is a board game of German origin, where the main goal is to take your pieces to the opposite square. The name "Chinese Ladies" was given by the United States to make it more exotic and should not be confused with the previous table game. It was created to play from 2 to 6 players in a circular shape with a six-pointed star. Have you ever played it?

9. Ludo: It is a game of four players, three players or two players, where they move with the cast of the dice from their single color box to give a tour of the other squares to reach the final point called "House". A simple and fun game to share.

10. Scrabble: If you are passionate about spelling and grammar, this will be definitely one of your favorite games. It is a board game of 15x15 cardboard that proves the linguistic and creative agility of the players where they are going to use a variety of words with different letters that are selected of a random way, which serve to earn points and making you every time being closer and closer to finally win the game.

When you take the board games as a hobby you can get to see yourself even more interesting, because you defy your mind and develop your brain, taking it to its better functioning and oxygenation. Board games as a hobby and as a profession also, lets you share with your friends and family and make many special moments together. What better mix of intelligence, wit and fun?


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