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Why You Need To Adopt Bodybuilding as Hobby



Nothing is sexier than a man or woman who looks healthy, with a well-toned body. With our generation placing greater emphasis on health and appearance, most people are adopting bodybuilding as a hobby.

The fact is, bodybuilding is a great hobby. If you want to step out looking like Dwayne Johnson, Sergi Constance, Jim Stoppani, Scarlett Johansson, Megan Fox, or Kate Upton, you have to adopt bodybuilding as a hobby today.
Personally, I would recommend that everybody, male or female that are 18 years and above to adopt this hobby at least once in their lifetime, you can practice this hobby for 6 months, one year or even more. The truth is that you will be happy and will see an amazing transformation.

Most people who adopted bodybuilding are very confident people. When you are that confident, there is nothing you can't do. You will do well in college, in your workplace, and even in public places. You will stop looking for validation and get lots of love from people. No doubt, bodybuilding hobby is a great way to have fun, improve your health, and your quality of life.

Other Reasons to Adopt Bodybuilding Body

If you are looking for other reasons why you should start this hobby today, there are plenty of them. Below, we take a look at some reasons why you should adopt this hobby in 2018:

1. Makes You More Healthy

They say "exercising daily keeps the doctor away". One way to be truly happy in life is to be healthy and you can easily achieve that when you exercise. Apart from exercising your body, bodybuilders are very conscious of their diet.

In fact, once you start this hobby, you will start learning to eat the best diets for your body. You can even eat considerably more calories and burn them during your next workout session.
You will notice a great improvement in your body as far as you stay away from steroids.

2. Improves Your Overall Appearance

Let's face it, we all feel good when someone compliments our look. Remember I mentioned certain names in this article such as Dwayne Johnson and Kate Upton; imagine how good it will feel when people use you as a standard of how an attractive male or female should look.

Fortunately, you can achieve that when you adopt bodybuilding as a hobby. It will help you lose unwanted fat, tuck in the skin that is falling apart, bulk up, tone your body, and make you look extremely presentable. Most people adopt hobby that impacts their appearance negatively, bodybuilding is definitely not one of them.

3. Allows You Age Gracefully

Trust me; you will be looking 40 when you hit 55 if you have bodybuilding as a hobby. Take a look at Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Halley Berry, and Jane Seymour. These celebrities have done well for themselves in terms of how they age. You too can do that by adopting bodybuilding hobby.

Anybody can age like that. You don't need to be extremely rich to take care of your body and age like a fine wine.
Now you've known some of the reasons why you should adopt bodybuilding hobby, let's take a look at how you can practice this hobby:

How to Practice Bodybuilding as a Hobby 

1. Weight Lifting

You need weight-lifting in order to train all muscle sets. To do this, you will need to do the weight-lifting at least 3 times a week. If you don't have a home gym, try and visit the nearest gym at least two times per week when you are very busy and three times in a normal week.

The internet is full of weight-lifting routines you can follow to build your body. Log into YouTube and follow bodybuilders on Instagram to learn the routine you should follow daily.

2. Cardio

Most of us have a very busy life that leaves us with little or no time for exercise. Make out time to do a little cardio every morning before you head to work. You can add 30 minutes cardio to your morning routine.

Jog for an hour and do other exercises during the weekend when you have more time. Your hearth will thank you for it. You will be more agile and confident. Cardio can do wonders for your body.

3. Nutrition

Bodybuilding is not complete without adopting healthy nutrition. Of course, you don't have to be a diet freak; you just need to take care of what you eat.

Do a little research to find out the best diet you can easily follow. Instagram is full of bodybuilders and fitness experts that will direct you to what food you need to eat to keep yourself healthy and your body working optimally. Ideally, I recommend finding a diet that won't require making too many changes to your life. These types of diets are the easiest ones to follow.


The Best Resources for Getting Started With bodybuilding 

Working out in the gym for the first time can be a bit intimidating, especially if you don’t have access to proper guidance to help you with the training. There are many new lifters that lack the ideal resource to assist them with their bodybuilding hobby. They may be either training at home, working out on some basic challenges using the bench or few plates. It’s quite common for beginners to not know what exercises to do and how, for how long should you be exercising each day and for how many days each week and more. 

In order to start with your bodybuilding hobby, first you should set some goals. Understand why you’re working out in the first place? Most people want to build some size, many want to lose excess fat and tighten up. Regardless of why you want to adopt the hobby, you will have to go ahead with a plan. There are tons of free resources for information out there and there is no reason at all why you shouldn’t know your exercises better. Some of the key ideas are as follows:

Basic concepts of bodybuilding

Setting up your goals

You want to look like the bodybuilder in picture. Be realistic about your goals and strive to be the best you can be. Every person’s body is unique and while age plays a pivotal role, the actual gains may vary. To develop your first routine, consider training the classic way - thrice a week. As a beginner in bodybuilding hobby get a feel of the exercises and understand about recovery. Growth is an important aspect of building your muscles and that can happen only with proper recovery, which doesn’t happen if you hit the gym 6-days each week and for hours on end.

Stick to this routine for the first month, to work on your form, allow a rep performance, and get an insight into what exercises work what muscles. During this time learn how to perform the exercises correctly. Choose weights that allow you to easily repeat the workout routines 10-12 times, with the last 1-2 reps being the most difficult to complete. By the end of a month, you can train harder by getting used to performing more exercises and thus enhance recovery significantly. 

Download your free FitnessPal app to stay in track with your goal setting. It is your online journal, exercise log and calorie counter where you can track your daily progress. 

Learning about progressive resistance

Start with easy warm-up sets using lightweights that you can easily make to 15 reps. For these sessions, put on more weight as you go further with your training while reducing the reps. This routine is also known as pyramiding and as a beginner it will be easy. Pulling off the last of the rep should be tough to complete. Introduce pyramiding along with the split routines in the second month.

To encourage continued progress, you must increase the intensity while lowering the time to rest. While adding weight will become natural during the first six months of your training practice, you will also be increasing the sets. As you reach to the more advanced stage of your bodybuilding hobby, you will be in a much better shape. You will also learn about the ideal rest times. It could be anywhere from 1-3 minutes, but it is always advisable that you should rest until you catch your breath.

Always wait for 48-hours before repeating a workout. Get like this and more insight. Read this 10-minute beginners guide to resistance training. Know everything from getting started to choosing the right exercises, to the weight usage and controlled motion learning.

Use RockMyRun to up your performance tempo with incredible beats-per-minute setting. So, you can catch up speed or slowdown in real time.

Muscle-mind anatomy link

Feel your muscles getting worked. Take time to understand your exercising tempo such that you can be in control of the movement. For training with weights you can start slowly, lifting it up the way you can until you reach the start position. Pause and feel your muscles squeezing, which will give you a feel of what you’re doing. There are various ways to perform a rep, but once you get a hang of it continue in the same fashion.

Know what each muscle is and what it does. Try to think of the function of the muscle while working on it. In this way, you will be able to establish a connection with each muscle group. For an ideal form, take adequate precaution while doing each exercise. Proper performance of every exercise is highly important. A poor form can easily lead to injuries, thus putting a limit to your progress and your bodybuilding hobbytoo. Always make sure that you understand the reason behind how every step in each exercise is shaped up to create an impactful outcome. This will help you to execute your plan much better.

The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revised by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bill Dobbins is the ultimate resource that you can read free with the Kindle app.

Not just make exercise look easier, but improve its quality. Watch this 13-minute Tedx NewYork video to explore motivation and train your mind to see the connect between your goal-setting and your actual effort.

Few important considerations

Maintain a journal 

Keep a log of your exercises from day #1. Always chart your workout progress from one week to the next. Get your free printable log here 

Choose proper exercises 

Compound or initial training exercises work on more than one muscle group. At the same time, your exercise session can include squats, bench press, and deadlifts. This increases strength and flexibility – two essential aspects of a bodybuilding hobby. Sign up to the running and bicycling app, Strava that lets you compete against others using the app.

Breathe more 

Proper breathing is a necessary part of any workout routine to give you the best results. When you breathe, it burns fat to release into the air. With any training the main aim is to make your muscles lean and breathing is a crucial technique.

Start your workout with proper stretching exercise. Improve your flexibility by stretching out before and in between sets. Also, this aids to increased recovery from rigorous exercising.

Review your muscle-mind link 

Take the time to reflect upon the information collected. Get most out of your workouts when you can understand what exactly works for you.

Include variations in training 

Training variations are so much important. This will help you get the best benefits from the exercise you practice. However, there are certain basic exercises that will remain integral to every workout session, no matter how advanced are you in your bodybuilding hobby.

Treat soreness with rest days 

Consider this as your break to get revived and return back to your training. To avoid soreness, it is mandatory that you choose rest days.

Know the performance tips

Include cardio in your program if weight loss is your primary goal. the importance of basic nutrition.your meals and take account of serving sizes.workout nutrition further helps growth and recovery.

Some amazing out-of-the box apps that helps improve your performance delivery in a unique way are below:

Pact - Earn actual cash if you stick to your workout regimen. The app uses your GPS location to verify whether you went to the gym actually, stayed and worked out.

Cyclemeter - Tracks your walks, runs, and other physical activities. The iOS app collects a wealth of accurate data and has a number of outstanding features. It highly appeals to fitness enthusiasts.

So, how did you begin bodybuilding? For beginner’s bodybuilding hobby a good starting point is to learn how to exercise properly and obtain ample positive results. By planning your hobby you get to evolve even more as you move on to new exercise routines with adequate information. 





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