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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Crochet Hook

Crocheting as a Hobby



Crocheting involves making proper apparel from a yarn. With many people looking for a hobby which they can easily pursue in the comfort of their homes, crocheting is becoming more and more popular.


We would today share with you some of the reasons why it is a useful hobby to pursue.

Introduction to crocheting:

The feeling of creating something from scratch is what makes this hobby much more interesting. With the help of Crochet hook, you would be able to create the apparel as well as the designs which you want. It is quite a relaxing hobby as you would be able to crochet within the comforts of your home.


It is a very good exercise for your hands as well. As you learn more about the type of designs and stitches which you want to opt for, it would be more innovative for you to pursue the hobby.


Benefits of crocheting:

The benefits of pursuing this hobby include:

• Indoor hobby

• Easy to create the apparel.

• Easy to learn.

• Easy to pursue within the confines of the home

• Affordable hobby.

Gear to pursue crocheting:

The gear which is required includes:

• Crochet hooks.

• Yarn.

The amount of gear which is required is pretty minimalistic, hence, it is one of the most affordable hobby's which you can pursue.

Crochet technique:

While when you look at the process of crocheting, you might feel that it is actually pretty complex but it is not. Once you are able to practice the art of crocheting, it would become significantly easier for you to use the hook in order to create the design and the pattern which you want.


In order to do so, you have to follow the following steps:

1. Select the right hook, yarn, and the pattern.

2. Selecting the right size of the needle.

3. Selecting the right color for the thread. 

Initially, you have to take simpler projects like neck scarf. only once you are well versed in these projects, you can think about taking some other projects which are more complex in nature.


What makes crochet so interesting?

Like any other creative hobby, the use of innovation as well as the crocheting skills to create something tangible is what makes this hobby interesting.

So, if you're looking for an interesting hobby which you can pursue from the comforts of your home and create something unique, crochet is one of the best options for you.

The Best Free Resources for Getting Started With crocheting

Crocheting is a lost art in today's society. It is one of those skills that was a must have for most of our grandparents and some of our parents.


It is also a beautiful form and art and more and more people have gotten excited to know what it is all about and have it as a hobby.


More than its beauty is the fact that people love and appreciate crocheted materials and are willing to pay for them, so it can be an extra source of income especially if you work at a place where you have lots of free time.

For the people who want to learn this almost lost art, there are many resources that you can take advantage of to help you start off.


You don't need to pay too much for some of them and neither do you need to have a prior experience of crocheting before qualifying to make use of them because they are for beginners. 


There are many crocheting books out there to help people learn new crocheting skills, how to master a particular crocheting style or how to start up your crocheting hobby if you are a beginner to crocheting. Some of the beginner books include ;

1. Single Crochet for beginners :

The single Crochet for beginners is a book authored by Cindy Crandall Frazier. It is a good place to start as a beginner to the art of crocheting.


The book will walk you through all the things you have to know as a beginner. It also has some simple crocheting skills to teach you too.

2. How to crochet for Beginners 

This is another book that would be of immense help to you as a beginner to crocheting. Written by Victoria Saunders, this book contains all the information you need to know about yarns, hooks, stitches and the different abbreviations used in crocheting.


It is a book that you should consider getting for yourself as a beginner to crocheting.


These days there are applications about everything and crocheting is not an exception. Lots of apps have emerged with visual and audio instructions for crocheting. Some of them include;

1. The Crochet lessons App.

This app is one of the best crochet teaching apps out there and the reviews can back it up. It contains tutorials for beginners and lots of crochet patterns to copy and learn from. It can be gotten from Google Play Store or any other app store.

2. Crochet Stitches

Crochet stitches are yet another crochet learning application that is good for beginners. It comes with stitch designs from very simple to very complex that beginners can try their hands on. The app is wonderful because it keeps getting updated with newer designs.


Free Resources for beginning your crocheting hobby. 

The following crocheting resources for beginners come at no cost at all.

YouTube video tutorials. 

Almost everything these days has a YouTube tutorial video and people are able to learn how to do lots of things from watching the tutorial videos.


YouTube tutorial videos can help you master your crocheting hobby more easily than any other way because videos are easier to learn from than books. Some of the best youtube tutorial videos on crocheting are:


1. How to Crochet for Absolute beginners part one

This youtube tutorial video was made by simply daisy and has about 6.2 million views. It is a very good place to start when it comes to making use of YouTube tutorial videos.


It is less than 10 minutes but covers a lot of ground for beginners to the crocheting hobby. Simply daisy was very concise and simple in her teaching so it would be very easy for you to understand and learn from her. She also has a part two tutorial continuation for you to learn from.

2. Learn How to Crochet - For Absolute Beginners - Beginner Chain Single Croche SC for right hand.

This tutorial video created by naztazia has gone viral as one of the best tutorial videos on crocheting. With 10 million views, this tutorial video has helped so many other beginners to the crocheting hobby.


The feedback is overwhelmingly positive and the tutor, naztazia is open to answering any questions you might have. The video spans 5:45 minutes and is very Informative. Naztazia continues the lesson in the part two of the video so look out for the part two.

Crocheting Websites 

There are many websites that teach crocheting for beginners who want to develop a crocheting hobby. Some of them include ;


This website can help you a lot as a beginner to the crocheting hobby. It has a lot of resources and a crochet community to help you with your projects and any problems you might come across.

2. Crochet is a website that has information on anything you want to know about and crocheting is not an exception to that. They have a lot of resources like tutorial videos, charts and a lot of crocheting techniques. They also offer a collection of patterns to try. You can have access to them by clicking here.


Starting up your new crocheting hobby is not going to be as difficult as you thought with the resources mentioned above.


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