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Model building as a Hobby



Model building deals with the art of engineering and your creativity

Do you want to build something using your two hands; are you tired of blocks and bricks? It is incredibly rewarding if you love model building as a hobby. The model building as a hobby is one of the most interesting things that allow you to show your creativity using model kits and supplies. Reading this may be useful for many more people who are mystified to know why some people take a long time to glue plastic parts. Reading here will give an insight on modeling.


What are Model Kits?

Model kits come in small pieces that need to be assembled. These kits are available in various materials, including wood, metal, and plastics. Depending on the material, you may put the model together using screws, glue, small nails or even a combination of all. Generally, the model kits require painting to be done as it appears on the box.

Plastic model kits mean these are common kits molded in plastic and it can be used to make scale models of trucks, cars, military figures, vehicles, boats, ships, and aircraft.


What is Scale Modeling?

Is it possible to practice model building as a hobby? It is difficult to answer directly, but speculating on possible motives is possible. However, it requires some of the many skills such as scraping, cutting and sculpting. In fact, modelers have different blades and many craft knives. The model kits are available in numerous scales; it is based on the ratio of two numbers. For instance, if your scale model is 1:10, it denotes one foot long, while the real one is ten feet long.

Most model categories feature common scales, for instance, the models of car has a common scale of 1:24, military models are 1:35 or 48, the commercial large jet is at 1:144, aircraft is 1:32,48 or 72, ship models also are unique and large such that it includes 1:72, 350 or 720.


What are the essential skills required for this practice? 

Generally, model kits feature five skill levels:

Level 1: Snap pieces together and these do not need glue or paint.

Level 2: Easier kits requiring paint and glue to complete and are usually less than 100 pieces.

Level 3: Detailed, but smaller parts and have mostly more than 100 pieces.

Level 4: Advanced kits featuring extra-fine details and are over 100 pieces.

Level 5: Apt for professional modelers as it has super-detailed parts, hundreds of pieces, moving parts such as working suspension on motorcycles and cars, rotating plane propellers and movable turrets on tanks.

How to start 

The modeler under ten can start at level 1 skill as these kits are snap-together kits. Even over ten kids can try, but it's recommended to start with a kit of level 2 model, but these require you to paint and glue to complete.



There are two important tools, a sharp hobby knife to eliminate the pieces. The second tool is a small file to balance the imperfections. However, a first-time modeler should use an emery old board.

Model kits are easily bonded with plastic cement as the models are in soft plastic. These cement is in liquid and paste forms. The first-time modelers may find past convenient, the latter features smelly fumes.


There are logical reasons to build scale models, but who cares. For many thousands of people worldwide this hobby or activity is great fun. It is a solitary activity, there are many model shows and clubs that you need not do it alone. Instead, join them and enjoy building modeling.


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