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Paintball Supply Rental

Paintball as a Hobby


This sport is considered by many people as a true hobby. Thousands of people of different ages practice it. It really is an experience worth living. Then we will know a little more about this hobby.

Paintball is a very lively type of sport that admits infinite variables. In fact, we can establish a first debate on whether a paintball is a sport, a recreational activity, a game, an adventure sport, an outdoor sport or extreme or simply a dynamic to pass the time.


What is Paintball?

It is an open-air sport where you can combine exercise, contact with nature, strategy, team play and, above all, adrenaline and good humor.
This sport is practiced all over the world by people of all ages where the main objective is to spend a fantastic and hilarious day.
Generally, it is played with 2 teams of about 7 people each, which are equipped with a protective mask and a marker powered by CO2 or compressed air. These markers shoot "paint" balls that break when they hit, leaving a stain. This "paint" is totally biodegradable, non-toxic and washable.
They are usually called paintballs but they really are not, they are made with a jelly cover (like medicine capsules) and stuffed with food coloring.


Types of Paintball Game

In general, there are different types of games:

• Central flag: you have to capture the flag before the other team.

• Two flags: you have to capture the flag of the opposing team.

• Speedball: practice with a central flag or two flags in a field with many small parapets.

• Hyperball: practice with a central flag or two flags with very large obstacles, this is usually done in competitions.

• Sup'airball: practice with many inflatable obstacles with a central flag or 2 flags and is the standard for competition.

• Big Games and Scenarios: this type is played in the modality of forest and it is about games with many simultaneous players, being able to reach hundreds of players.

To play it is essential to wear a protective mask specially designed for this sport that protects eyes, face, and ears. What makes it a totally safe sport and without any risk.


How to practice Paintball?

You only need to acquire the basic equipment that would be, the mask and the paint marker or gun. Other accessories are not mandatory; however, it is advisable to use protective equipment. This hobby can be a bit expensive, but it is certainly one of the most fun and full of adrenaline.


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