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Painting as a Hobby For the Love of It: Not Just For The Professionals


There is nothing like being an amateur at painting. The professionals were once amateurs too. To pursue painting as a hobby means you are guaranteed of the satisfaction to try something new and worthwhile. As a beginner or even an intermediate who loves to paint with colors using their hands or the paintbrush as it glides along the canvas, it will give you a strong sense of enjoyment and the sentiment of having to put your heart and soul into creating them.

As an amateur into painting, you may not even be thinking of selling your work. But, that doesn’t mean you may not think of having it on display and hopefully want your art to become desirable. It feels great when someone appreciates your art and is willing to pay for the work!

Painting and its many benefits

Self-discovery – The love of art is like understanding oneself. Once you start to paint, you will get totally absorbed. In fact, you will not even get to know when this part-time of yours gets converted into a hobby! 

Mental stimulation – When you take up painting, just like others, you too will get the feeling of purpose. Showcasing your ideas through art is a good psychological therapy. There will be a pleasure of doing something that will give you peace of mind.

For all ages – Everyone can take up painting. It is, in fact, a hobby for all age groups. You will find it great when you paint something beautiful and show it to others or even give it as a gift.

Being patient – The best thing that you learn from your hobby of painting is to be patient. It often takes some time to create a nice painting! When you paint with patience and perseverance, the end work never disappoints you.

Suits your finances – Cost-wise when you start to paint, you will not need to spend too much on pursuing the hobby. All you need are some supplies – brush, colors, and a pencil to start.

Supplies needed for painting

Although you can start with some basic supplies, as you go deeper into building your skills in this hobby, you may require some more tools.

Paper towels

You do not want oil paints all strewn over your workspace, do you? Paper towels come in handy as you can easily wipe off muddy colors.

Gamblin paints

Try safer colors as you may get paint on your skin. Non-organic paints are toxic and can be damaging to your health if continuously exposed. Also, step back a bit so that you don’t spill colors on yourself and you can check to see if your strokes are coming through as well.

Long brushes

The extra length brushes let you work the colors on the tip. It also ensures your brushes last for a longer time. These make painting much easier.

Finally, who cares if you mess up the colors once in a while. You’re learning as a painter. Figure out where you could have been better. Take lessons from your practice. So, pick up the brush, set the canvas, and squeeze the colors out of the tubes – start working on your artwork and fall in love with the hobby!

The Best Free Resources for Getting Started With Painting as a Hobby 

Are you searching for expert instruction or looking for Best free paint hobby resources for getting started with painting? Have you always wished to learn different paint hobby tips as well as step-by-step instructions from any famous painting artists? Whether you’re a beginner or looking for some basic tips to improve your painting, then this article is your essential guide! In this guide, we’ll show you some best and free resources that provide you free painting tips and free step-by-step painting techniques for getting started with painting as well as to improve your skills.

Before Starting You Need To Consider Your Goal. 

What kind of art and what types of paint hobby are you hoping to make? Do you hope to completely finish pieces in a one sitting, or do you require a lot of time to work on one project? Do you have a small area that could cause fumes to build up, or do you have a spacious work area that is great and well ventilated? How much budget do you hope to use on supplies? These all are the important things to consider before committing to a type of paint.

Don’t Know How to Paint? 

Note: The important one is that you don’t despair if you make a “mistake” in your painting!

Getting started with painting can be an intimidating and hard process, but with the help of experts, you can easily gain basic techniques of painting in less time. This “The Best Free Resources for Getting Started With Painting” free guide will be one you turn to again and again. With the help of best free resources, you will quickly and easily learn how to paint a picture that is full of texture and dynamic in color.

To save some effort and time for you, I have gathered eight (8) of the free and best paint hobby resources that I’ve recently come across. Some of the websites that are given below are provided for motivation and inspiration, whereas some further websites are on the list for their paid and free resources and tutorials.

Oil Painters of America 

Oil Painters of America is the official website of the organization. Oil Painters of America is a large group of painting artists that are focused on representational paint hobby. Take the time and look around the website, and you’ll discover a fully packed information blog, a critique service, links to educational resources and even a gallery locator.

Richard Robinson 

Richard Robinson aspects some open video lessons, in “Free Stuff”. But the really great stuff can be originate in the workshops. has a method to teaching painting. The approach and method are really unique as well. Workshops are a 4 steps method which contain a demonstration, a paint hobby challenge, and a critique of a few of his students’ work.

Bill Martin’s Guide to Oil Painting 

The world-famous painter Bill Martin who was passed away in 2008. Techniques are now left behind for us to learn, thanks to this website. Sure to check out the simple tutorials. Tutorials are great for those just starting out! Oil Painting Techniques.

DG Oil Painting Techniques is the website of David Gray who is expert in oil painting. Just open the website and look at the gallery of DG, the gallery becomes clear that this guy has some good skills. In his blog, he shares his passion, techniques and even some of his struggles.

The International Society of Acrylic Painters 

The International Society of Acrylic Painters has a great group of outstanding acrylic paintings. Just look in “Displays” and scroll down to the Online Shows. work of acrylic painting is sure to get you inspired and motivated.

John Lovett 

John Lovett is a teacher and a painter. has some paid lessons on his site, but he also aspects some good free resources here too. The free step by step demos search in option named “Lessons”. “Paris with Gesso Glazes” is one of favorite.

Will Kemp Art School 

This site has additional than just acrylic lessons, but the section “Acrylics” is wide. Fairly some of the lessons comprise videos that are worth a look. Kemp is an outstanding and skillful instructor too., the website features outstanding step by step demos. in “Lessons” and you’ll discover free resources considered into Advanced Skills 1? “Advanced Skills 2” and “Basic Watercolor Skills”. The website is a good and valuable resource for those who just starting in watercolor in addition to those who already have gotten their “feet wet”.

As we know that paint hobby is such a beautifully healing exercise and artists truly do believe that it has the control to heal and demonstrate us things regarding ourselves that other things just can’t. It’s a unique and one of the best way to express your instincts and feelings in a real, visible way.

A work of art and painting that is free of fault from the painter’s viewpoint certainly takes skill. Sometimes the initial try isn’t always an achievement. If you are a beginner and getting started with painting then first you need to learn how to make improvements easily to enhance your painting style at the early phases to keep away from even more difficult fixes to your work later on.

I hope this guide “The Best Free Resources for Getting Started With Painting” will help you to find best and free painting resources for getting started with paint hobby. The above eight (8) free painting resources and websites will surely help you in improving your painting skills as well as help you out with your paint hobby activities and endeavors!!!



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