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Perfume as a Hobby is Fun and Doesn't Need to be Expensive


Many people want to learn more about scents but are afraid of pursuing perfume as a hobby as they think it is too expensive. How could you not possibly end up getting broke with so many fragrance lines for you to try? But, as is with most hobbies, you can either splurge or become budget conscious as you want. The pleasure of connecting with the smell of each perfume is much more than having dozens of fragrance bottles in your collection.

To learn more about perfumes and experience the pleasure of smelling them, you don't need to spend a lot of money all the time. Here are some ways in which you can understand your taste and manage your hobby for perfumes.


Smell first 

Perfume as a hobby is one such an affordable activity in which you can enjoy the pleasure of smells without actually having to buy! Just walk into a perfume brand store and sample the smell. Some brands such as Sephora, Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, L'Oreal, Nordstorm, and other niche perfume companies are generous enough to give away free samples that you can spray on.

When you first smell a perfume, do not immediately decide whether you like it or not. Consider what arouses its appeal in you? Whether it's the distinct smell or the smoothness of it - your smelling attribute tells a lot about your taste. Understand why you may not feel comfortable with certain kinds of perfumes and why not. Of course, you can always throw away the swatch if you don't prefer it.


Avoid rushed purchases 

The more you smell, more you get the chance to understand about your taste. If you jump into buying the bottle of perfume from just a few scents you try, you may be making a spontaneous purchase. There may be several instances when you get attracted to a particular smell after knowing about its composition, or how it's made, and even sometimes the bottle may appear appealing to you! It is very important that you understand your taste well because it may change due to continuous smelling.

There are many perfume reviewers who talk about expensive niche perfumes. Do not hesitate to ask them to recommend other fragrances that may evoke similar experiences.


Classics to the niche 

Not everyone can own classic perfumes, but as you have an interest in perfume as a hobby you can smell these great fragrances to understand more about them. These may be reformulated; however, most classic perfumes have an impressive quality, so you may as well give them a try. Also, if you find the local perfume stores near you lack these classics, then you can look for samples online. Wherever you find these excellent perfumes, don't be afraid to try them.

With the niche market exploding with so many fragrances, most lineups do not have anything unusual about them. Always smelling the classics gives you a better understanding of the niches.


Sniff the spices 

Many classics are inspired by the natural aroma of spices. The fragrance of herbs, tea, fruits, coffee, fruits, and many more things around you may give you a thing for smells. Hone your nose to these exquisite smells that will give you the nose of a professional. Practice understanding the essence of each kind of smell - it can be from your spice cabinet or even some essentials oils and extracts. Notice how complex these smells are.

If any of these aromas catches your interest, you may try buying perfume samples with the same smell. These are swatches that you can enjoy spraying for a few days. If you like the samples you can try the perfumes. This practice will make you a perfume lover and expand your collection. 


When looking for samples you can also discover like-minded perfume as a hobby enthusiast. You can even swap samples or bottles. This way you won't be spontaneously purchasing perfumes higher than your budget. Unless you collect perfumes, there is no need to buy every kind of fragrance. More you use your nose to smell these aromas, more you will enjoy this hobby without having to indulge into expensive purchases always.


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