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 Pet keeping as a hobby?


“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” – Anatole France

Pet as a hobby is one of the most popular and exotic hobbies ever. It is one of the most widely adopted hobbies around the world. Pet keeping has been around for centuries as man adopted both domestic and wild animals taking pride in owning and showing them also known as animal fancy. The hobby involves the appreciation, promotion, and breeding of pet animals.


What pet hobbyists have to say?

The experience of having pet as a hobby as much similar to having children. Tending and caring of pets becomes dearer as that of one’s kids. Also, because pets are adopted, it becomes the sole responsibility of the owner or the hobbyist to take care of them just like they’s do with their offsprings.

“When I come home after a long day at the hospital or the studio, the greeting I get from my black Lab, Rosie—her whole body wiggling with happiness—always makes me smile, no matter how exhausted I feel, says Oprah Winfrey - American talk show host and philanthropist.

“In our household, animals outnumber humans: We also have a rabbit, five hamsters, three cats (who spend a great deal of their time peering inquisitively at the hamsters), and two tropical fish. I admit I sometimes feel like a Zookeeper.

But even when the litter box needs cleaning or I have to coax my son, Oliver, to go outside and walk Rosie before bedtime, I can honestly say I'm happy to share my home with all 12 creatures,” she continues.


Health benefits from a pet companion 

There is mounting evidence that pet as a hobby is especially great to improve your physical well-being. The American Psychological Association study investigated the therapeutic benefits of investing in the attachments to creatures big and small. In fact, thinking of a beloved pet can help you stay calm. Animals that surround pet hobbyists affects their mood and mental state.

Lowers blood pressure

It is found that if you pet an animal or just gaze at them, it reduces blood pressure. Pets can improve the cardiovascular system. Owning a pet or having the hobby impacts with a better pressure response to mental stress. No type of drug can heal hypertension as does the company of your pets.

Reduces risk of allergies

Exposure to pets during the early years of childhood means less chances of developing any inflammatory diseases such as asthma, allergies, or eczema. The reason is that the body’s immune system becomes anti-receptive to allergens. In fact, an interesting aspect is that pets impact the prenatal stage of a child as well. Exposure to animals reduces allergen production in the umbilical cord significantly.

Improves fitness

Pet owners are more prone to keeping fit as they may be involved more in some activity with their pets. It is seen that pet as a hobby enthusiasts are likely to have an increased physical activity as compared to those without animals for petting.

Strengthens heart

With a pet companion, the chances of health risks lowers significantly. With reduced health ailments you are able to build a stronger cardiovascular system. The fact that a pet for company keeps you happy also has a lot to do with making your heart stronger and your body comparatively disease free.

Soothes Alzheimer’s patients

Much of the burden and pain of the disease is reduced for both the patient and their families. For a hobbyist with a pet companion you can focus much better and develop healthy weight gain as most patients usually suffer from nutrition deficiency.

"Such short little lives, our pets have to spend with us, and they spend most of it waiting for us to come home each day." - John Grogan


Experience the perks of having a pet as a hobby, which makes these relationships so appealing. Consider your connection with not just one kind of pet, but across various species to understand this better. 




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