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Polo Players

Polo as a Hobby


Polo is a sport played between two teams, these teams have four riders each mounted on horseback, the task of these riders is to carry a small wooden or plastic ball to the goal of their opponent which is formed by two wicker posts by means of a mallet or a taco. The aim of this sport is to score the most goals, same as football but on horseback.

This sport is traditionally played in fields of herbs of 270 by 150 meters and is an ancient sport which dates back more than two thousand years ago. Currently, the polo as a hobby lasts two hours and is divided into six stages called Chukkas.


Polo sport as a hobby

Polo as a hobby is a game for fighting souls, tactical and technical spirits, this is a sport where players who do not have the ability to keep their eyes on well-positioned players, can only be medium level players. To be a good Polo horse, you need to develop in speed, agility and steel nerves.

It may not seem so coherent for many, but the idea of horseback riding as a hobby is one of the most comprehensive and beneficial sports in the world. Among its branches is the Polo Sport, as you know, is an intense sport that deserves rapid movements, which generates muscular benefits generated by riding. The constant movement on top of the horse helps to tone up your muscles such as abdominals, buttocks or legs.

Even in this sport, the back is one of the parts of the body that keeps moving more, for this reason, its strength is increased, as it happens with the arms, which are also maintained in high tension due to the grip of the taco and the dominion of the horse.

These benefits of playing polo as a hobby not only help to improve your body's strength, they also help you to maintain a better posture and prevent future injuries. In addition, the Polo Sport has other psychological benefits which help to overcome fears, to have more self-confidence and know how to make correct decisions in short periods of time. 

This hobby sport teaches you to be alert to any situation and increase the perception of your reflexes. This is one of the sports that in addition to generating muscle benefits, requires qualities of rectitude, and the ability to master effort and concentration.


How to practice this hobby Polo Sport

The goal is to score the most goals against the opponent, the goals are valid when the small soft baseball is introduced into the opponent's goal, this ball is hit by an extensive mango croquet mallet. Any player may be a goalkeeper and must hit the ball, but not the players nor is it allowed to kick or stop the ball on foot.


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