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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Working on a Pottery Wheel

Color Your Day by Starting Pottery/Ceramic as a Hobby


From many hobbies in the world, what is your hobby? Do you still confuse to decide your hobby? Having a hobby can be interesting things. You will have something that you love. You can do your hobby in your spare time. Certainly, it can be very interesting. If you love art, you can try to choose pottery/ceramic as a hobby. There are many pottery wares that you can create, such as porcelain, stoneware, or earthenware. Pottery is an old human creation. Pottery was founded in Japan, South America, and Africa in early Neolithic. So, it was originally created before Neolithic period. Because of its beauty, there are many people who love collecting pottery.

The process of creating pottery is not quick. If you want to make it, you need to make the shape and heat them with high temperature. The high temperature will remove the water contained in the clay. This process also increases the strength. Don't imagine that making pottery is a hard activity. When you are starting to make your pottery, you will enjoy the steps. You will be proud of your own creation. There are many people around the world choose pottery/ceramic as a hobby. Sometimes, they could make money from this hobby. Yes, you can sell your pottery. Earning money from your hobby is a very interesting thing. You can get income from something that you really love. As we know that we will not feel tired quickly when doing something we love.

Before starting pottery as a hobby, certainly, you need to know how to make it and several things about it. Generally, the step is preparing the material, shaping the body, heating, and decorating. You need to remove the water from clay by heating in a kiln. You can decorate the body before or after firing it. It depends on your need. For decoration, there are several methods that you can apply, like painting, ceramic gaze, carving, burnishing, lithography, or banding. You should also make sure the moist through the body. This process is known as kneading. You can use vacuum pug to remove trapped air. If you do not have the tool, you can wedge it manually. Removing the trapped air is known as de-airing. Then, the clay can be shaped after it is kneaded and de-aired. There are many techniques used for shaping the clay. You can learn and choose the techniques in order to make something you want. The next process is drying and firing the body. Finally, you can enjoy your product.

Choosing pottery is very exciting. You can make many experiments in order to create a great result. There are many types of clay that you can use, like kaolin, ball clay, fire clay, stoneware clay, red clay, and bentonite. You can use kaolin if you want to make porcelain. To improve plasticity, you can add small amounts of ball clay to porcelain. Stoneware clay is very appropriate for making stoneware. Stoneware clay has finer grain and more heat resistant.


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2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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