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Rafting as a Hobby


For people who do not know what is rafting as a hobby, it is an activity in which you descend in rivers on an inflatable raft, is practiced in the natural spaces that contain river flows, rafting can be considered an extreme activity sport because it is only practiced in cloudy rivers that manifest strong currents, and during the route there are possibilities of presenting accidents, therefore you must have adequate equipment to practice.


Necessary equipment for rafting as a hobby

• Boat equipment, if you want to practice rafting as a hobby it is necessary to have an excellent boat equipment, from the amount of paddles necessary to the appropriate raft for the descent of the desired river.

• First aid equipment, you should take all possible precautions at the time of an accident, remember that in extreme activities everything can happen, therefore, it is necessary to be cautious.

• You must have lifesaving equipment, no matter if the crewmembers know how to swim, the rivers have a lot of current so it is necessary that the members have the equipment mentioned above.

• If you don't know the area where you will sail, or if you don't have complete control of the activity you will do, it is preferable to have a guide who will handle all the topics related to the descent.

• You must have additional equipment related to rescue, or descent such as ropes, knives, harnesses, mayas, whistles, food and drinks, sufficient backup to resist the moment you get lost.

• You must have personal equipment such as helmets, adequate clothing (neoprene suit), and appropriate shoes.

Techniques for rafting as a hobby

• It is important that we learn to know the river, see how it works when its flows lead you to a direction and how to handle the raft in that situation, if you have not practiced it before and want to do so, is necessary to have a guide who has experience, because if you do not know how to manage the boat and much less know how the river acts, you will have many difficulties that can put your life at risk.

• It's important that you learn to listen to your team and your guide because it is up to him to move the raft, normally before descending in the river, usually give an explanation of certain signals that will be used and handled within the activity, therefore, you must be very careful with that.

• Correct use of the equipment must be made, the raft must be well used, as must personal equipment.

• It is necessary to investigate everything related to first aid in order to be prepared for any eventuality.

• There are techniques that you should use when you fall into the water that you must know, and for that it's important to receive an instruction before.


This activity requires multiple necessary forecasts, however, it is an extraordinary experience that you can't miss.



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