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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Reading in the Park

Reading as a Hobby


Some hobbies may seem more interesting than others; some are very action and adrenaline, while others can enjoy a comfortable and quiet. Among the latter, we can consider reading as one of the best hobbies.


What is Reading?

Reading is nothing more than the simple act of reading. But it is not just about reading a book and now, but about passion, love and all the power that can be felt through reading a book. In addition, reading is one of the hobbies that help us to know more about the world and us. Thanks to reading we can know countries, people and many other things without having to have seen them at some time.


Reading Benefits

Reading has many benefits for the human being. Here we will know some of the best and those that practically define why we should keep reading as a hobby and not do it by obligation.

• Increase Your Vocabulary

• They will realize that as we read, especially "difficult" texts, we will be exposed to a world of new words that we would not know otherwise.

• You Train the Brain

• One of the great advantages of dedicating ourselves to reading a book is that we train our brain. When we practice this activity, we help the organ to carry out its functions in an ideal way. In other words, when we read, our brain starts exercising, but for it to have long-term results, we need the activity to be constant.

• Increase Concentration

• People who read tend to have a higher level of concentration and the reader will have the ability to put all their attention on the practical things of life. It also develops objectivity and decision making.

• You Will Always Have Topic Of Conversation

• When we dedicate ourselves to read more, we will always have something to talk about with others. We can discuss the conflicts of a certain novel, or what we learned by reading that book about business, the possibilities are endless.

• Improve Memory

• Many studies have shown that if we do not use memory, we will begin to lose it. Crosswords and puzzles are just a couple of examples of games that can help us prevent the problem, and reading helps strengthen the "muscles" of memory in a very similar way.

• Reduce Stress

• When we read our mind, it changes state. If we had a very stressful day, a good book could distract us very easily; the fantasy genre is excellent for these cases. Many times it will be very difficult to let go of the novel but still, we will stay relaxed.


Definitely reading is one of the best hobbies and also one of the healthiest. To practice it, we must only take a little of our time, clear our mind and concentrate on a reading that allows us to immerse ourselves in other worlds and where our imagination goes beyond the ordinary.


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