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Record collecting as a Hobby


Music, voice notes, and other recordings have always been a good way to hang out, enjoy you, enjoy a topic or news and share it with friends and family. There are millions of recordings around the world and millions of songs that can be identified with any type of person. However, there are groups of people who have the habit of collecting recordings, albums, songs and albums of their favorite artists.


What is Record Collecting?

The collection of recordings refers precisely to the habit of searching and storing songs and recordings on any subject, usually songs are collected, but a recording covers several areas, for example, recordings of speeches, exhibitions, workshops and more.

Since the recording devices of audio and video have existed, there have been also the collectors of said recordings. To be a record collector you just need to be a true fan and do everything possible to get all the recordings of our favorite artists, including limited or special editions.


Scope of a Record Collecting

These recordings can be divided into types or categories.

• Genres (or subgenres). Example: Classical, Jazz, Soul, Funk, Country Music, Go-go, Detroit Techno, Broken Beat, Elevator Music, Early Stereo, etc.

• Artists (or producer, remixer, conductor or another interpreter), for example, Louis Armstrong, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Sir Simon Rattle, Larry Levan, Berry Gordy, James Brown, etc.

• Recording labels (or subtabs), His Master's Voice, Motown, Tamla, Philadelphia International Records, Sal soul, Apple Records, Audio Fidelity Records, etc. Or particularly for some 78rpm collectors, compiling disparate labels regardless of their content.

• Periods (or music scenes), for example, 1920, 1960 and 1970, those played in The Loft, Northern Soul, Philadelphia soul, etc.

• Formats, for example, 78 s 7 s, LP, monkey, vinyl, cartridge 8 tracks, reel to reel, cassette, CD, digital downloads, etc.

• Specialties. For example; unusual physical samples (odd shapes, colors, sizes, speeds) regardless of the recorded content, or collectors seeking to acquire as many labels of different disks as possible, etc.


You can have a favorite artist, singer, and even a scientist who has ever recorded his theories or studies. In short, you can have an immense variety of recordings and sounds that can bring your attention and begin to become a record collector. If you really like these things so much, you can do it as a hobby and in that way invest your free time in something that you like.


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