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Rugby Players

Rugby as a Hobby


It's called super rugby for a reason. Like football, even rugby needs a lot of stamina and strength playing rugby has lots of health benefits detailed in the further section of this article. Rugby union is both a professional and amateur game played by the 15 individuals on each side striving hard for the ball to make it to the opposite side this needs a lot of running and core strength playing this repeatedly will improve your body tone gradually. To practice this as the hobby you need to know how its played. 


How is rugby played? 

The game begins with the two teams 15 players on both teams. The kickoff starts from the field center. The game is controlled by one referee with two supporting judges. The team scoring greatest number of points is a match winner . Two teams have two forty minutes of two half with the break time of 5 minutes to score the maximum. Five points are awarded to the team who tries to score by touching the ball to the ground of opponent's in-goal area. This score continues with the kick on the opponent crossbar and in the goal for more two points. The rules it must be kicked from the line perpendicular to where the ball was touched in the in-goal. There is also an option of penalty kick if the opponent team demands. This kick is for three points in opponent color or a drop kick from anywhere in the field. The ball cannot be passed forward the player has to move forward towards the goal to get a pass. The player has to keep on passing till he reaches the goal and meanwhile, if he gets tackled by the opponent players then he has to pass the ball or leave it over there. 


Why choose rugby as the hobby? 

Rugby is the whole body sport the exercises the major muscle groups of your body, unlike any other sport which focuses only upper body or only lower body. Any player during his rugby match has to run back and forth for the ball and it surprisingly covers the long distance during the whole match time. This is the only sport which covers both aerobic and strength training at the same time having a really good impact on your body. Some studies, in which rugby players were monitored with GPS transponders, suggest that they may travel 5km or more over the course of a match. Secondly, activity levels can vary wildly during a match; ranging from standing still, to walking, jogging and even full-on sprints.

Apart from this, there are many other benefits on personal level explored easily when one starts playing it. 





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