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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Running as a Hobby


Every day we find many ways to improve our lives, adapting it to different habits and activities in our daily life, one of them is also known as running, certainly not all people take this activity in the same way, some run as a search to improve their physical appearance losing weight, other people run for distraction or as a hobby and many others, because it is simply part of their daily routine, that is to say by habit.


Benefits of running as a hobby

One of the ways in which we can enjoy this incredible and beneficial activity is to consider it as a hobby, incorporating it into our daily schedule, sharing it with other friends who are interested in it, and demanding more each day to us so that the performance increases more and more.

As well as attending groups of runners or races in which you can demonstrate that you can have a high performance and prepare for them.

Since the beginning of mankind's existence, man has had the ability to run, since it is not an activity for a particular type of person. Running does not require a specific age, size, or sex; there are even running competitions for people with disabilities in which there are certain specific conditions.

Therefore anyone can do it, it is also a physical activity that requires no expense to develop it, and helps to improve your heart rate, as well as helps to improve our aerobic capacity.

Another benefit is that it helps us to control the anxiety and stress generated by daily routine, and can be practiced in any free and natural area, without any cost.


Precautions for running as a hobby

Everything in excess is harmful, so we must learn to listen to our body, if we begin to include this hobby in our daily routine we must take into account that we are not natural runners and we must be patient with increasing our speed at the time of running; if there is any irregularity such as pain, discomfort, or distress, we must lower the sequence in terms of speed and time, or preferably let the body rest.

We must not allow the desmotivation to invade us, we must be clear that it will not be easy to obtain the time and physical condition quickly, however, we must be constant and persevering until we obtain it.

Some of the preventive measures that we must take into account when carrying out this activity is to consult with a trainer who is specialized and has much more experience, certainly this hobby will take energy away from us and we will have to replace it with a good feeding plan so that your body is maintained in the right conditions and you can continue with your alternative activities without creating a wear and tear of it.


We must also take into account that you have to keep a constant rest; try to run in comfortable clothes and without any weight, that way you will have no difficulty in doing it. Encourage yourself to give up sedentarism, and try to make running the best hobby.

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