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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Scrapbooking as a Hobby


To put all of your memories in a frame, you could try this hobby. It is not an expensive hobby, but it is very meaningful. Are you curious about this hobby? It is a kind of activity to keep the precious pictures and other memorable things in a decorative album. Scrapbooking as a hobby will be more than just interesting because by doing it, you could recollect news and try to decorate it in your own way. Even when there are letters to display, you could make it colorful and full of joy. What kind of materials do you desire to use? You could use crayon, needle, rope, and many more. You be creative enough to come up with your own unique idea and make it a reality.

Scrapbooking as a hobby will give you extra benefits than just a fun. Everyone who loves it could earn a lot of money. Let us see Ms. Christensen. She was the founder of this hobby in 1981. She earns billion dollars from this hobby and the scrappers today follow her.


How to learn it

The easiest way is by finding the local scrapbook stores. They will usually teach you how to scrapbook. You do not need to be rich and have the talent to do this hobby because whatever you make will be meaningful. There is no a specific rule for this activity. The popular scrapbooking size is A4. However, there is no problem if you use a large size of the sheet.

Match everything with the subject and theme. The one important thing for your scrap is a background paper. It seems like a cardstock. Choose anything you love and match it to the photo mounting. The choice is photo corner mounts of adhesive dots. Photo mounting tape and acid-free glue will be the most important equipment. Reshape it by cutting it, ribbons, stamps, stickers, and many additional accessories to decorate your scrap. Scrapbooking as a hobby requires you to ensure you get the good quality supplies for your scrap. Preserving photos and journals for a longer time need qualified equipment to support it.

Dried cuts and flowers will be alternative, but once more thing to remember is, the scrapbook depends on the scraper favor. The photograph is the main focus. You only need to make your page looks nice. You could also separate it by a different theme like a holiday and a special event. Put your feeling in it and express yourself on it. When you need information about scrapbooking online and layouts, you could find it in digital scrapbooking which will give you huge benefits. It could be shared electronically and it could be edited to fit your desires. There will be no scissors, ribbon, and glue in the real sense because everything can be done online and by a digital system.

Are you ready to try the modern or the classic way? To keep it private in away that you can stick on your bedroom wall, you can try the classic style where everything is done by your hand creatively. 


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