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Man in Blue Practicing Kung Fu

Shaolin Kung Fu as a Hobby


If when you hear of kung fu what comes to your mind is the television series or a martial art, in particular, you should know that this term was designated in the West all martial arts are practiced in China.


The oriental meaning of this word is the skill acquired over time, through practice, with a hard discipline, a lot of perseverance and above all effort in everything you do. In addition, this discipline can be practiced at any age and can become a healthy hobby.

From the point of view of self-defense, it is possible that Kung fu is the complete martial art that exists. This discipline is based on the Kaliripayat, which is a Hindu fighting system, which merges with Chinese boxing.

What is Kung Fu?

It is a martial art, an unarmed combat system of Chinese origin, today it’s also practiced as a sport or form of physical education, which is based on the beating of the hands and feet and requires a great mental concentration of the fighters.

Kung Fu is characterized by very fast movements, both defensive and attack, which are executed with legs and hands. The management of their techniques requires several years of constant training, which strengthen the bone structure, tendons, and joints.

Traditional Kung Fu is practiced as an end in itself, that is, it is not done with competitive efforts. Modern Kung Fu is called Whu shu, which is an Olympic sport. The Whu shu mixes the traditional fighting techniques with dances and acrobatics, which are evaluated by the jury.

Animal-Based Movements

Within all the discipline that includes the kung fu, you can find different styles inspired by the movements of animals. For example, the variety of the tiger is based on frontal attacks and develops strength. The movements of the dragon are where temperance and zigzag movements develop.

If you want to be agiler you should practice the movements of the snake, which attacks the vital points of the opponent. The leopard technique maximizes muscle strength. The last classic movement is the white crane, which will develop your flexibility and attack the opponent from a distance.

Kung Fu does not have a learning methodology or practice as such. From the ancient masters, Kung Fu has developed with everything that is inside and outside of being. Any movement, activity or exercise can be a way to learn this legendary martial artist.


However, there are positions and recommendations that can be learned in academies to control and learn better the techniques and modalities of Kung Fu.

Do not think about it anymore and start practicing an original martial art that will help you discover not only your physical strength but also your inner strength and enhance your self-defense capabilities. 


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