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Skiing as a Hobby


Fly, without making any effort, as you go down a snowy track, feeling the wind on your face and enjoying the beautiful mountainous landscape: skiing is wonderful! It is a sport that you can learn from a very young age, continue practicing it for the rest of your life and, in addition, it can take you to some of the most spectacular places on earth.


What is Skiing?

The ski is a mountain sport that consists of sliding over the snow, by means of the skis (two boards subject to the sole of the boots of the skier by means of mechanical fixings). Although the snow is related to winter, the truth is that you can practice this sport during any time of the year in those areas of the planet where glaciers exist.


Basic Equipment for Skiing 

• Fixings - They can be immovable (alpine skiing ", semi-movable (bottom), or mixed (crossing).

• Boots - They should cover the ankle until almost concealing the joint. The rigidity of the same depends on the modality and technique used.

• Canes - To help in the "paddling" and lean on the turns.

• Clothes - Suitable to protect from low temperatures and humidity.

• Glasses - Necessary to protect the eyes from the wind and solar radiation.

• Cap - It can also be a headband. They must be made of wool since besides protecting the ears from the cold; it protects the head from suffering from any injuries in case of a fall. When this sport is practiced at a considerable speed, a helmet must be used for safety reasons.

• Gloves -They must be waterproof and suitable to prevent freezing.

Types of Skiing

• Classic cross-country skiing: This is the right technique for beginners since it requires less technical demands. The skis move by lanes previously created in the snow. The skier will move with the momentum of the arms and rods, in coordination with the legs. The classical technique resembles the natural form of human displacement.

• Cross-country ski skating, free or skating: Unlike the classic style, freestyle requires more effort and better physical form, because more impulse is needed to reach more speed.


The skating style is done in wider tracks and the movement of the skis is similar to when skating, pushing us with the legs alternately and supporting us with the canes. It is usually the technique chosen by those who practice alpine skiing properly.


How to Practice Skiing?

The initiation and progression of skiing are much more extensive and more complete than the exposed since it is required to work many more technical gestures apart from skidding. Each person, depending on their abilities and characteristics requires a certain progression.

Each school and each teacher collects their own methodology. Sometimes very different from each other.


Beyond the theory, to put these techniques into practice it is advisable to attend an introductory course and begin to know and practice this sport. 




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