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Skydiving as a Hobby


Skydiving is referred to as parachuting and it is an activity where acrobatics are performed. Are you intrigued by what skydiving as a hobby would be like? This is an act of parachuting that is now done as a recreational activity and competitive sport.


It involves jumping from 4000 meters altitude with a parachute after which it opens and steers in any direction, but through controlling the parachute the diver is able to land safely. There is a need for trained and experienced instructors.


Skydiving is a dangerous activity and so quality equipment is of great importance and given priority. Getting this equipment is expensive and to get it at discounted rates means persistence in looking for it. Among the types of equipment required for skydiving include:


The basic equipment for skydiving as a hobby is the parachute. Buy it from parachuting shops. Parachutes are available in various types which are:

• Round types used to drag devices, used by the military.

• Square type gives more oscillations and while descending there is a violent turn.

• Rogallo wing type is used for sports parachuting.

• Ribbon and ring type parachute instantly burst opens at high speeds.

• Parafoil air type parachutes are used now as it features speed control and provides direction.

Other Accessories

Safeguard: Apart from these equipment types safeguards such as padding, spinal protector and helmet are very much required in case something goes wrong.

Jumpsuit: Jumpsuits offer protection from wind as you fall down and you will not be hit by strong winds.

Altimeter: The altimeters keep skydivers informed of the time to set out the parachute.

Automatic Activation Tool: The job of this tool is to activate the parachute automatically if you fail to do it manually. This important piece of tool notices:

- The falling speed.

-  Why parachute did not open manually.

-  Time to release the parachute backup.



There are many ways to acquire training and one is wind tunnels that offer free falling practice. It provides the ability to control against wind pressure. There are options to start training it includes accelerated freefall, tandem, static line and instructor-assisted deployment.


• Prepare your mind to get and ensure full preparedness.

• Learn from properly certified skydiving institution.

• Consult a physician to ensure you are fit to dive.

• Your first jump must be after 6 to 7 hours training on the ground.

Skydiving is merely another physical sport. So pursuing skydiving as a hobby is absolutely entertaining. It is a challenging activity, so as you progress work on new skills. You will get an amazing sense of achievement by becoming a competitive sport.


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