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Natural Soap Bars
Easy Soap Recipes for Your Soap Making Hobby


Soap making can be a very exciting and productive hobby when you have the perfect soap recipes, to begin with. Contrary to popular belief, the soap-making procedure is not as complicated as it seems.


It's has even become much easier because ready-made pour and melt soap-making kits are already available in the market. Using a soap kit, it is easy to create colorful soaps with special herbal ingredients and scents.


Brief history of soap-making

Babylonians and Phoenicians from ancient history found it necessary to create their soaps. They discovered soap by accident when ash and fat drippings which were left in the fire got wet and shaped a foamy substance.


Ancient people noticed that when the combination of animal fat and ashes went to the cooking vessel, the foamy substance it shaped made it easier for them to wash pans.

As time passed, people began to recognize fat and ash as the key ingredients to soap. Ancient Romans researched various soap recipes, created their soap-making factories and popularized the soap-making procedure throughout the globe.

Popular homemade soap recipes

Whether you want to engage in soap-making for a hobby or to give your homemade soaps as gifts, you want to be familiar with different recipes for fragrant and decorative hand soaps. As soon as you've learned some easy melt and pour soap-making methods, it is easy to create your pair of handmade soaps.

Hemp glycerin

Hemp glycerin soap is a semi-transparent soap with abundant quantities of hemp oil. Hemp oil contains enzymes, essential fatty acids and Vitamins E, D and A.


Alcohol- free hemp blocks with 20% glycerin are best for creating mild hand soaps for sensitive skin types. By melting slabs of hemp glycerin and pouring them into a mold, it is simple to create a glycerin-rich soap which may keep your skin smooth and silky.

Clear glycerin

Clear glycerin soaps are also perfect soap recipes for professional and amateur soap manufacturers. They are transparent, and they have low shrinkage qualities. Fragrance and color can easily be added to glycerin soaps to keep their users feeling fresh and clean all throughout the day.

These transparent soaps are also perfect for creating soaps in multiple layers. Whether you want to produce soap bars for your daily usage or a set of hand or body soaps as a present, a very clear glycerin soap formula will be best for you.

Essential ingredients 

Fragrance and color are just two of the main ingredients used for soap-making. In the melt and pour method, it is easy to add any fragrance you want by using special fragrance oils. All you will need to do is to pour .25 oz of fragrance oil for every pound of soap base.


You could also add exciting colors to soaps by mixing a one-eighth teaspoon of mica with melting soap base. Add drops of food coloring into the base soap till you find the color you would like. 



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