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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Boardsport as a Hobby


They are a set of sports disciplines that are performed on a board as a primary element, which defy gravity. Boardsports are among the sports which are used as a means of transport and associated with high levels of risk thus classified as extreme, however, this factor does not make this sport unattractive or impossible to practice.

Board sports as a hobby

Boardsports are composed of a wide range of varieties practiced on land, air or water, which require great balancing and skills. Boardsports as a hobby will enable you to create a more precise control of your body, to exercise your body without losing the essence of having fun and having a good time with friends, besides clearing your mind and a way of temporary escape from problems.

Ten board sports practiced as a hobby and professional as well 

1. Surf: We started this list nothing more and nothing less than the first board sport in history. In undertaking this game you will translate by a wave, doing acrobatics or maneuvers on a surfboard. It should be noted that within the category of water sports, this is one of the favorites. If you are one of those who feels a connection or passion for the sea, you should definitely try out this sport.

2. Snowboarding: It’s one of the extreme board sports worldwide, which as its name suggests, has to do with a board and snow. In this incredible sport, you must slide on a slope covered with snow, where again the challenge is to keep a stable balance and throughout the course while making turns or maneuvers. Considered also as an Olympic sport, practiced by those brave enough and who are after adrenaline, what do you think?

3. Air surf: Air surfing is the third most extreme sports, air surfing is a form of skydiving, where you must jump from an aircraft and with a board attached to your feet you must make turns or acrobatics, and later open the parachute to start landing. Undoubtedly something that is not seen or done every day.

4. Sandboarding: Although it is a relatively new sport, this sport is known all over the world, because you do not need a specific season of the year or requirements such as the sea, a plane or helicopter to practice it.You can practice sandboarding whenever you want with just being in a landscape where there is a lot of sand. It basically entails trying to slide on sand, making turns or maneuvers on sandy surfaces; however, although this sport is fun and encourages sharing, it is also categorized among extreme sports; Yes, and that is why the adrenaline felt by the athlete which is so high made it possible for this game to be placed on the list. Many tourist sites offer you to live this experience in a safe way and for this, we invite you to try your luck in this sport.

5. Mountainboard: This name is not often heard, however, the game itself is quite common. It’s about displacement on a large board, adapted with rubber wheels, with fixers for the feet, to pass on any surface, from streets to rocky areas. It falls within the category of extreme sports for the same adrenaline that is generated, in addition to that it is considered quite peculiar because of the little demand for flat terrain, this makes it possible to skate anywhere.Very practical.

6. Skateboarding: And if we talk about practice, how could we not talk about the most popular table sport? or the most common to sight. It is quite popular in that anywhere you look chances are high you will spot some young people practicing, or sports fans in a skate park, or just people who want to move quickly and easily from place to place; because this sport consists of sitting on a terrestrial board with smaller wheels than those of mountainboard, driven by the foot of the person. If you want to go to the most basic of this board sports as a hobby then this sport is for you.

7. Windsurf: A derivative of Surf. It is structured with the same board of light surfing and a sail. This sport consists of sliding and maneuvering between the waves, with the help of the wind, being able to perform incredible stunts and reach great speeds. This recreational sport involves two elements such as water and air, which makes it quite complete and incredible for all that surf lover who is looking for more experiences.

8. Wakeboarding: What a better way of skateboarding on water? In this incredible sport, you will have to place yourself on a board that will be driven by a specific rope that is winched in turn by a boat or a note of water, where you will surf in the waves.

9. Dirtsurf: Surely you'll ask yourself what is dirt surf? It is probably the lesser-known sport on this list, but like the previous ones, it’s incredible. This sport has the same name of the board, which is basically structured in aluminum, with two wheels in line to the ends of the board, and a brake that will allow you to go for an incredibly high speed or simply move from one place to another quite elegantly. Adrenaline? It has it, and although like all sports it is risky, nothing that cannot be done.

10. Longboard: Finally, there is this sport, which is practiced while sliding on slopes at a high speed with the object to do speed competitions. It is a sport recognized worldwide and perfect for those who seek adrenaline and speed.

What do you think? Would you like to try at least one of these amazing board sports as a hobby at some point? Challenge yourself to live new experiences.


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