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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Cooking Class

Cooking as a Hobby

Before you shout that you are not a lady, cooking is not meant only for women. In fact, most of the world's best chefs are men. If you are following food stories and channels, you must have come across top chefs like Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver, Wolfgang Puck, Heston Blumenthal, Marco Pierre White, Vikas Khanna, and many more.

Most of these chefs started cooking as a hobby. Today, some of them are worth over $60 million; that's indeed a lot of money doing what you love the most. Hey! No one expects you to be raking that amount anytime soon, but at least, it is to encourage you to know you can make money practicing cooking as a hobby.

Apart from the income factor, there are other reasons why you should take up cooking as a hobby, there is nothing sexier than a man who can cook a delicious homemade meal for the family. Your wife will be a happy woman and your children will be proud of you. Again, you will be eating what you want whenever you can spare time to cook.

According to the Business Insider, cooking is one of the most favorite hobbies of the world's super-rich. Uber founder, Travis Kalanick is known for his cooking hobby. This is a good and satisfying way to spend your free time.

Below, we take a look at some of the most common reasons why you should start cooking today as a hobby.

Top Reasons Why You Should Start Cooking As a Hobby 

1. It's a Transferable Skills

Cooking might seem like such a petty chore, but it has a lot of benefits. One of the reasons why some of the world's super-rich take up cooking as a hobby is because it teaches them patience and also to be in control.
You will learn how to be patient and meticulous when cooking. To prepare a perfect meal, you need to add all the right ingredients at the right time; otherwise, your food won't turn out good. This is a skill you can apply in business. Some businesses require patience and ability to be meticulous in your dealings.

2. It's a Rewarding and Satisfying Experience 

Just like an inventor, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing the work of your hands. When you prepare a great meal, you will be happy eating it. You will take great pleasure knowing that you are the one that made the food so tasty and delicious.

3. It Pays

Of course, cooking is one profession that can never be extinct. As far as humans still inhabit the earth, people will continue to pay every day to eat a good meal. Even if you have another job right now, you can learn cooking as a hobby right now while you can. This skill can come in handy later in future when you are retired and want to start your own business.

Like I mentioned above, being a chef is a very rewarding career. Some of the world's top chefs worth millions of dollars. You may choose not to sale your foods. You can bake cakes and give it out to charity or to your neighbors.

4. It Saves You Money

Cooking your own meals is a great way to save money and eat healthy meals. When you learn how to cook, you can greatly save a lot of money on buying fast foods. Moreover, most of these fast foods are not healthy. When you make your own meal, you will have an opportunity to prepare it the way you want it with the ingredients you need.
In fact, if you spend $50 on a meal in a restaurant, you can significantly reduce that amount to about $10 - $15 when you make your own meals. Imagine how much you can save by the end of the month. You can use this money to take care of other important things.

5. It Leads to Family Fun and Happiness

Have you watched one of those movies where father and the son are cooking together? It is a great way to bond with your family. When you have work that keeps you really busy, cooking for your family once-in-a-while is a great way to bond and bring back happiness to your home.

Gather your children together in the kitchen and let them help you out, when you are done, all of you will take great satisfaction from eating what you just made. You can share jokes and take about your experiences as you enjoy your meal.

How To Start Cooking As a Hobby 

Below, we list various steps you can start cooking as a hobby today:

1. Watch Cooking Videos

Thanks to the internet, there are tons of videos on cooking you can get online. Most of these videos are free; you can get access to them as far as you have an internet connection; Log onto YouTube, follow food experts on Pinterest and Instagram.

2. Watch Food Channels

If you have a Pay-TV, there are a lot of food channels you can follow. These channels will show you best dishes to prepare and how to prepare them.

3. Sign Up For Food Classes

How about you sign up for food classes? It is one of the fastest ways you can learn to cook various dishes. You will have the opportunity to have an expert train and critique your food until you get good at cooking.

Did you know? Cooking is the longest running hobby since pre-historic times. It's just that not everyone realizes that they are already prepping up their routine to include this hobby in it.

If you're still thinking about adopting a cooking hobby, know that it just not lets you unwind, but also helps you explore the basics of working together with the family in the kitchen. Spend quality time with your children to help them understand the value of good nutrition. 






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