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Mountain Biking

Mountain biking as a Hobby


With mountain biking, you can navigate all types of terrain and enjoy every moment.

Mountain biking entails riding bikes over rough terrain, you can increase the durability of the bikes by riding specialized mountain bikes. There are great trails across the US that is fun and challenging to ride. The different mountain biking categories are cross country, downhill, urban or street, free riding, all mountain or dirt jumping. Mountain biking as a hobby offers amazing riding experiences. Today, mountain biking is an important outdoor exercise as it enables you to be in shape and also helps one connect with nature besides seeing beautiful places.


Important Cycling Skills

Cycling is a gradual process, especially for beginners. With time and through persistent exercises your body begins to get used to cycling. You may try easy, short rides and increase distance gradually so that you are able to develop stamina, strength, and ability, thereby preventing injuries.


Before Riding

• Learn adjusting bicycle, the saddle, the brake levers and the handlebars.

• Start with indoors training and progress to outdoor cycling, thus enhancing the fitness levels.


Basic Skills 

Braking: Use front brakes on flat surfaces and on a downhill slope, use the back brakes often. Using the back brakes on steep hills prevent you from toppling over.

Changing Gears: Switching to gears means needs proper planning. While shifting, you must keep pedaling so that the chain gets to move and adjusts to the right gear.

Pedal Properly: Pedaling properly is essential and practicing efficient pedaling reduces muscle stress and improves cycling ability.

Turn Corners: Center yourself in the road and in the corners while turning stop pedaling. Keep your foot low and inside foot high, keep your bike straight and accelerate.

Knowing about the mountain bikes parts is highly essential to pursue mountain biking as a hobby. These are designed with few basic characteristics and specific functions.

Wheels and tires: The wheels of mountain bikes are robust featuring spokes in diameter. They roll easily over obstacles and are less maneuverable. The treads of the tires are different based on the weather and the terrain, but all are good to shed dirt and mud easily.

Brakes: The mountain bikes feature cantilever brakes such as road bikes, but more riders opt for additional power of hydraulic brakes as they are effective to stop on the uneven ground.
Front suspension: Mountain bikes feature front suspension. Some allow adjusting suspension as they climb hills and on bumpy trails prefer a softer ride.

Rear suspension: Mountain bikes are stiffer and lighter, making it popular for racers. Having up to 5" rear shock bike is good for novice riders and a 7" rear shock is good for tricks and jumping.
Gears: Plenty of gears are required to pedal uphill, rough terrain, through mud and sand. Shifters must be easily accessible on the handlebar grips so that riders can ride on tricky terrains.

Pedals: These are clip pedals to place shoes.

Starting off 

Mountain biking featuring more gears are the best, especially if your biking includes steep topography. Initially, consider flat rides, avoid even slight hills. Riding a mountain bike is completely different and only practice can make you perfect.



• Keep first aid kit handy.

• Wear long pants and sleeves to avoid lots of injuries. Dress appropriately depending on the weather.

• Wear helmet always and enjoy every biking moment.

Mountain biking is an extreme sport and also an exciting outdoor activity. It is physically demanding and is challenging that it demands you to navigate the biking curve effortlessly.


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