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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Road Biking

How to start road biking as a Hobby


Road biking is loved by everyone. This gives a chance to explore open roads, enjoy exercising and having entertainment. Road biking is also known as biking, bicycling or cycling and is a low-cost exercising that saves your money. Road biking as a hobby is easy to pick up.


How to practice

If road biking is that you want to pursue, purchase bicycle from your area. The shops will assist in getting your cycling outfit and they will inform the right trails direction as well.

Before buying a bicycle, consider the type of cycling you wish to do. Choose from the myriad of options available so that you get the right combination of features suitable to your road biking goals.

In the beginning, you may be tempted to buy lots, but they are not required right now. With your skills improving you can continue with road biking as a hobby and then add items as gear.


Buying Hints

• Buy a hybrid bike so that it suits the road and is good for off-road use as mountain bikes.

• Get the right frame size to fit your body to the gravity center and causes no strain.

• Get clip-less pedals that can be attached to special shoes so that rides pull and push the pedals. This supports the foot and reduces foot fatigue and cramping.

• The Hemet comes in lightweight with modern designs. Choose a good helmet to stay safe and it will cost at least $50 and in fact, the best helmets cost few hundreds of dollars.

• Dress in breathable, lightweight fabrics so that your body stays dry and cool always. Fleece is the right choice of clothing. Buy socks, glasses, gloves and extra outer layers.

Avoid loose fitting clothing as it may get caught in chain, spokes or handlebars.

Learn Important Cycling Skills

First try easy, short rides. Gradually increase the distance, cover without causing injuries, and thus increase your stamina, strength and ability. Adjust your bicycle, the handlebars, the saddle and the brake levers location.

Basic Skills 

• Braking: Consider braking with front brakes more on a flat surface. On a downhill slope, use brakes on the back more, so that it avoids flying forward.

• Gear changing: Switch the gear before use; keep paddling so that the chain allows the correct gear shifting.

• Pedal Properly: Pedaling is a technique, lower your heel and pedal using toes. Stop pedaling in corners and place your outside foot low, straighten your bike and once out of the corner, accelerate your bike.



Road biking as a hobby is one of the best activity. But it is a must to pay good attention on the road surfaces to avoid hazards. Always wear helmet and ensure traffic safety, avoid sudden moves and maintain control.

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