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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Manicured Nails

Nail art as a Hobby


A hobby is some activity that you like to do in your spare time. It is something you do to keep yourself busy, relaxed and happy. Studies have shown people who indulge in their hobbies tend to be more productive, active and agile in their work and day to day activities. A hobby is a great way to spend your ‘me time’. It makes you happy and gives you a feeling of satisfaction and achievement. Sometimes your hobby becomes your passion and you get so immersed in it that you even give up your job for it. You even start earning through your hobby. There are hundreds of examples where people started something as a pastime and it grew into their profession. There are tens of thousands of hobbies. It all depends on personal preferences. In this article we will look at nail art as a hobby. We will see how it is done, what benefits you can avail out of it and can you adopt this hobby as a profession? So, let’s dig in.

What is nail art?

Nail art is the painting of nails in a creative and fun way. You can adorn them, decorate them, embellish them…the only limit is your imagination. Nail art transforms your mundane nails into work of art. They give them a new look and enhance their appearance.

Origin of nail art

Nail art originated in China thousands of years ago. They used to paint nails with stuff like beeswax, vegetable dyes, gelatin and egg whites. The ancient Egyptians also used to indulge in nail painting. Since those days nail painting and nail art have come a long way. Now you can do virtually anything with your nails. The invention of first the nail polish and much later acrylic nails revolutionized nail art like never before. It is continually evolving with creative individuals giving their own spin to the world of nail art.

Nail art as a hobby

To adopt nail art as a hobby you must have the following qualities;


You have to be creative. You will create designs and patterns on nails. You must be creative enough to do this.

Painting skills

You also have to be a very good painter. The canvas will be the nails. You must be adept in painting colorful designs and images on the nails.

Good with colors

You have to be a good judge of colors. You should be able to mix and match different hues. Make a striking impression with colors and make different combinations with different colors.

Artistic inclination

Nail art requires artistic talents. It has evolved into an art form of sorts. Some of the nail paint jobs are nothing but exquisite.


If you want to adopt nail art as a hobby then you will have to be very patient. It is a delicate and time-consuming job. It cannot be done in a jiffy no matter how skilled you are with your paint and brush.

Nail art as a profession

Nail art is a hobby but you can also make it your profession. If you are really good at it and people like your work you can easily earn a good amount of money by painting nails of other people. You can also be a mentor and start teaching your craft to others. It can be another source of income. You can earn by teaching nail art to others and by painting others’ nails. There are other benefits of this hobby cum profession too. We list down some of them for you.

Creative satisfaction

Whether you do it professionally or as a pastime, nail art is bound to give you tremendous amount of creative satisfaction. Doing a good job with nails is like creating an art pieces by way of painting, sculpting etc. It’s going to be immensely rewarding on an emotional level.

Meet different people

You will meet different people who will come for their nail pain job. This will expand your social network. You can make good friends out of them and have a jolly good time.

Venture into other areas

If you want to do nail art professionally you can dabble into other related areas too. For example, you can start manicure and pedicure service too. You can also start making tattoos. Open a nail spa and offer different services related to hands, feet etc.

Uplift your personality

Even if you are doing it as a hobby on your own nail art can change your moods and make your feel good about yourself. You can do a ton of styling with your nails. You can do it according to an occasion, season, latest trend or just as a crazy experiment. The colors and your imagination can take you places.


Stand out

If you want to be unique and stand out in the crowd then nail art could be a great way to do that. You don’t have to experiment every time with your hair, make up and clothes to look different. Nail art can also help you do that.

Be fashionable

Nail art is the latest fad. Everyone is doing it. It is the ‘in’ thing to do. Why should you lag behind? Ride the nail art fashion wave. You will feel trendy, hip and stylish. It will be so good for your personality.

Downside of nail art

Nail art is not without its negatives. Those can be summarized below;

  • Sometimes the paint takes too much to dry up.

  • It could be difficult to remove.

  • The paint may damage your cuticles.

  • The chemicals in the paint can harm your nails.

  • It requires a lot of time. Both the person doing it and to whom it is being done need to be really calm and patient.

Nail art is an ancient technique which has innovated with the passage of time. It is the current craze these days and it can do wonders to give your personality a new look. It requires time to accomplish. Care should be adopted doing it and only human friendly paints should be used.



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