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Large Paper Rolls

Paper making as a Hobby



Currently recycling paper is more than a hobby; it is a way to take care of our planet. It is also the activity that many artisans develop and the commercial base of specialized stationeries. This craftwork that goes from the design of cards and envelopes to original objects modeled with paper has very good acceptance in the market, which makes it a good job. Let us look for some points over papermaking as a hobby.


Papermaking as a hobby

Appearance of paper:

The recycled paper can be smooth or present different textures that are achieved including in its preparation, remains of threads, dried leaves, petals, flowers, images and other materials that enrich it. The choice of these elements will depend on the creativity of each one. The irregular edges of their presentation are achieved by tearing the pieces of paper with their fingers.

A decrease in the raw material required finding another base to make paper, and thus it was discovered that the wood crushed to create pulp was quite effective. Nowadays, making craft paper is much more than a hobby or a new way of making rustic paper; We are finishing with large quantities of trees to obtain pulp, and it is essential to recycle paper and find a new way to obtain a fiber with less ecological impact.

Raw material for craft paper from Papermaking as a hobby:

Paper can be made based on many elements; like old papers, banana or banana fiber, pineapple fiber, coffee husks, lily fiber, among many others. Any vegetable fiber can be used to make paper. The materials needed to make craft paper are: recycling paper (newspapers, magazines, used paper, etc.), two plastic containers, blender, water, sieve (with a frame and counter frame, made of wood and with a metal mesh attached to its ends), pieces of cloth , press (or a heavy object), and iron.

How to make recycled paper:

The first step is to take a container and cut the papers into small pieces, to soak it for a day or two until it is soft enough. Then, it is liquefied together with water to turn it into a paste, which will be put in the sieve to drain the excess water. This is done by placing the counter frame on the frame so that it acts like a press and the mixture can be flat and without water. Once it is ready, it is placed on a piece of cloth and pressed with a heavy object. When dry, you can iron to give a more heterogeneous and flat, add colors, flowers, twigs, or any other element that serves to make the craft paper look different and with added value.


Obtaining paper pulp:

Some tips to keep in mind to obtain paper pulp when you have papermaking as a hobby:

1- Select the paper to be recycled and cut into small pieces.
The cutting of the paper should be done by hand, tearing piece by piece, for a better absorption of the liquid medium.

2- Place the cut paper to soak in plenty of water, at least three hours to achieve good hydration.

3- Put the hydrated paper in the blender or processor, in small portions and with plenty of water, to preserve the appliance.


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