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Parkour as a Hobby


Surely as a child, you did a lot of exercise playing on the street. You jumped, ran, climbed obstacles and more. There were no limits, but opportunities. This is the basis of parkour. Know him, go back to training as before and make it part of your hobbies.


What is Parkour?

It is a physical discipline of French origin in which practitioners try to overcome all the urban obstacles that they find in their path in the most fluid, fast and technical way possible. For some, it is an extreme sport, while others consider it an activity comparable to martial arts, or both at the same time.


Basic Movements of Parkour

The most common movements in parkour can be classified into four major groups:



The most characteristic movements of this group are:

• Cat

• Wrist Breaker

• Back



They are one of the most difficult and most dangerous elements in parkour. The most common are:

• Precision

• Arm jump

• Jumping in the background


Landings or Receptions

After a jump, it is necessary to work the fall to avoid injuries, immediate or medium-long term, as a result of the impacts. Therefore, it is good to know the most common:

• Basic reception

• Rotation

• Receptions with arms


Other Movements

Parkour goes beyond jumps and receptions. Therefore, there must be a category for all these movements:

• Gripping: climbing embankments, walls, or trees.

• Tic-tac: using elements of the environment to jump obstacles. For example, with the help of a park bench, you can jump the fence.

• 180: leaning on an object to turn 180 degrees where it ends up hanging and held by the hands.

• Laché: hanging on one "branch", move on to another.

Benefits of Performing Parkour

• Being an exercise that includes multiple movements, the entire body is worked muscularly, which guarantees a fairly regular toning.

• The abdominal area in parkour is an essential piece because it helps in all movements.

• It is a training method that demands a lot of activity, which results in an increase in cardiovascular resistance, muscular power and, therefore, a general improvement of the physical condition.

• Parkour is an activity that not only improves the muscles but also helps to lose weight.

• It serves to develop motor skills, both the most basic ones such as jumps or displacements, as some more complex as climbing, or some variations of the primary with lateral jumps, complex landings, and others.

• To practice parkour, a very high muscular coordination is needed since activities are carried out to which the body is not accustomed.

• The spatial perception, and especially in relation to the athlete himself, is favored thanks to parkour.


The good thing about parkour is that it does not have a manual or methodology to practice. We just need to know the right techniques and start practicing in any park or environment that is around us. This hobby can be really fun and entertaining.



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