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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Poker Table

Poker as a Hobby


Poker and sports are very close. The big poker brands use sportsmen as images to sell their brand. However, there are many who have become fans of such a way that they are not simply ambassadors of the brand but dedicate a large part of their free time to these ends. In their social media accounts, you can often see them surrounded by friends and playing a poker game.

The objective of poker is to collect the highest possible combination of the received cards. The game starts with five cards for each player. The highest play is the imperial ladder or flower, which consists of gathering five consecutive cards of the same suit from 10 to ace. There are several variants of poker, such as Texas Hold'em (the most popular version in casinos, in which the order of the bet does not vary with the running of the rounds), Omaha Hold'em (each participant is awarded four cards, of which he can barely use two, and five letters qualified as community cards, of which he will take three to reach five) and others. It should be noted that poker has grown a lot thanks to the possibility of playing through the Internet.


Ranking of Hands

In poker, the plays are always formed with five cards, regardless of whether the poker modality to be played is communal or not.

Next, the order of poker moves from highest to lowest is shown. The plays of a higher category beat those of a lower category.


Royal Straight Flush

The best poker game It includes cards 10, J, Q, K and A of the same suit. Every player has the right to one of these throughout his life.


Color Ladder

Five consecutive cards of the same suit. The higher the highest card on the ladder, the better the ranking of the hand. In this example the highest card is 10; I would beat a colored ladder with a 9 higher card.



Four cards of the same value. The higher the value of these four cards, the higher the ranking of the hand. In case of a tie, possible in the poker variants that use community cards, the hand whose fifth card is higher wins.


This move gathers 3 cards of one value and 2 of another. When two full are compared, the one with the highest three card value wins. Thus, a full 7-7-7-2-2 beats a full 5-5-5-A-A.



The color is made up of five non-consecutive cards of the same suit. Win the tiebreak between two colors that has the highest card.



Five letters of consecutive order are required for the ladder. Between two stairs wins the one that is higher. On the other hand, the Ace can be used to form the A-K-Q-J-10 ladder, which would be a Royal Flush, and also the ladder 5-4-3-2-A.



It is composed of three cards of the same value. Between two trios wins the one that is formed by higher cards.


Double Couple

A double pair consists of two cards of the same value in combination with two other cards also of the same value, but different from the value of the first two. When two hands show a double pair, the hand whose pair is higher wins. As always, in case of a tie, decide the highest card.


How to Play

Poker consists of the following stages:

• The game starts according to the agreed rules.

• Five cards are dealt with each player.

• Stakes are made before discarding.

• Discards and changes of cards are made with the intention of improving the play.

• The stakes are made after discarding.

• Each player shows his cards and you see who wins the game.


Poker can be considered an expensive hobby. On the internet, there are different websites where you can play for free. With a simple registration in pages like PokerStars, you can start to know about this sport and even participate in free events worldwide. Many athletes are dedicated to playing poker as a simple attraction, training in their free time. Famous footballers like Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo, and others have become stars in the board game. Even the same companies that are responsible for promoting poker tournaments sponsor these figures to draw the attention of the world to their attractions.

It can be considered an expensive hobby, because it is a game of chance, although many say that strategies and key knowledge are needed to be the best player. However, poker is nothing more than knowing how to play with your cards and with the minds of your opponents, making them believe that you have cards or plays that really are not. In the world, there are diverse testimonies of people who dedicate themselves to poker as a hobby and have become millionaires. So there are also people who were millionaires and ended up in bankruptcy for playing poker. However, those with years of experience say that there are always ups and downs and that you cannot always win, so it is advisable to follow the advice and study the game well, be smart and enjoy the best way game.

On the internet, you can get many tips that can help you be the best poker player. Next, we will mention some.

• Choose the game that suits your level and your pocket. If you are a beginner in the poker world, we recommend that you first start playing for free. When you have more practice, start playing for money.

• Set your limits. If you have 50, do not bet 100. That you play a night with blinds of $ 2 and have luck does not mean that you are prepared to play at higher levels.

• Watch the other players. Whether you are playing online poker or playing "offline" there are behavior patterns that can be detected. Of course, seeing how they act live is easier because you can detect things such as shaking their hands, looking at more cards longer than usual or their facial gestures.

• Be attentive to the cards on the table. It is essential to learn to read possible plays at the table. Take at least 10 seconds to study the common cards and understand the possible combinations that you can link.

• Do not play all your hands. The typical beginner error, which also betrays you as such. You do not have to play all the hands. In fact, if you do it, you will only lose more. Be prudent and if you get a bad hand, do not cling to it hoping to improve it.

• Take a break when you need it. Our attention drops every 30 minutes. Do not be afraid to lose a hand, it is better to rest when you are overwhelmed or you see that your attention is diverted.

• Be a humble player and a graceful loser. That's more a tip for playing poker: nobody likes to play with a presumptuous person who likes to show off, and not with bad losers who play antics.


Poker is considered a sport, however, many people do it as a hobby, but we must bear in mind that this hobby can lead to ruin. Poker is entertaining, millions of people play it globally, and there are even thousands of tournaments to define who the best in the world is. If you want to practice poker you can do it as a hobby, without making such high bets, but just for fun and get some "easy" money. 




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