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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Quilting as a hobby is the life skill shared through generations


Many enjoy quilting as a hobby and carefully choose from the array of materials to make a quilt. The art of quilting has been practiced for generations across regions. Men and women quilters would gather together to create these three layers to come up with exquisitely designed and decorative quilts. The cut of the material is an essential part of the process that requires proper understanding of the measurements to get the size right.


Cultural aspects of quilting

In some houses, quilting has been a profession and they might even possess an heirloom. The designs can be simple or complex. Rugs, pillow cases, table runners - are all simple quilts. Bedding, blankets, and bed covers require complex quilting techniques.

Every country has their own quilting style and tradition. However, modern trends influence the traditional art of quilting. But, quilting by itself is a form of expression and a life skill.

"History is a big part of quilting, whether it is recording your own life history through quilts or learning about historical events, like the Civil War through quilts made in that time period. In fact, not many think of it, but the American flag was a quilt.” 


How to quilt and grow it as a hobby?

Learn quilting by hand or using a sewing machine. If you are making a quilt by hand, you will need a thimble (to protect your hand), fabric, needles, and thread of different colors. To keep your stitches even, use a quilting frame or hoop. This way you will be able to focus more on your stitches and design and avoid the layers from shifting their position.

Quilting can be done much faster using a machine specially designed for the purpose. The only thing is that you will have to buy or borrow one. Fabric cutting is a vital part of quilting, which can be made more fun and easy by using a fabric cutting machine. Beautiful handmade quilts can be designed faster using the cutting machine, which would otherwise take weeks and even months to complete depending on the size and the complexity of patterns.


Is Quilting an expensive hobby? 

“I upcycle clothing to use as fabric, purchase from the scrap bin at my local store, and use sheets for both patches and backing. I even use heat ' n bond to fuse the extra scrap chunks of batting together. Quilting started out as a way to make blankets out of fabric that couldn't be used for curtains and clothing. They even used old rags as the batting. It's the ultimate demonstration in frugality,” says a user with quilting as a hobby. 

Quilting was initially intended to sew material patches together in a pattern. The idea is to not waste the fabric and turn it into a craft. Traditional patchwork quilts are still popular. With a wide selection of materials and the luxury of finding quilting fabric online much easier today, you do not need to rely on just two or three stores that caters to quilts.


Loving the art of quilting

No matter what option you choose to do quilting, whether by hand or using a machine, the admiration for the art is just what makes it a hobby you would want to choose. Quilted items are made with a lot of patience and love that requires the highest credit. Quilting as a hobby will allow you to make intricately designed pieces that you will find are quite high in demand if you decide to pursue it as a business. Of course, quilts make an excellent gift too that you can present to your loved ones.


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