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Sewing as a Hobby



One of the best investment hobbies is sewing. Many people, especially women, can spend many hours of their time sewing, either repairing a garment or creating new designs.


What is Sewing? 

The seam is the union between two or more folds of fabric, leather or other materials that are joined by stitching. Massive modern sewing of clothing, footwear, home textiles and sporting gear are sewn by industrial machines. The production of footwear, clothing, quilting, crafts, haute couture and tailoring can combine the human hand and sewing machines.

The universe rigged to sewing is very rich, so there are many and very attractive techniques. Here is a selection of some that may be interesting:

• Patchwork
It consists of joining fabrics of different colors (remnants) to create different objects such as bedspreads, tablecloths, bags, cushions, tapestries, toiletry bags, and others.

• Point (tricot)
Some already call it western yoga. In knitting, there are as many types of points as there are tastes. From the most basic to the most complicated, which imitate drawings. You can take classes and choose the project to tackle (a scarf, a sweater, a jacket). The initial technique is easy, and then it is to add difficulties such as armholes, increases or decreases. There are domestic (rectangular, circular) and children's looms to share the experience with the smallest of the house.

• Crochet
It is similar to the point, but with a single needle of a specific shape.

• Machine sewing In some families, the Singer had remained as a mere decorative object with a vintage air. Now there is a wide repertoire of sewing machines, each more modern, and to which they are very useful. If you are self-taught, you can watch tutorial videos to learn from the beginning.


Sewing Quality 

Although the stitch types chosen for sewing depends on functional or aesthetic needs, the quality of the stitching can be measured based on the following parameters:


Sewing Size 

It is measured by the depth, length, and width of the seam.


Sewing Slip Force 

It is the amount of force needed to draw a total of ¼ "from the opposing sets of yarns perpendicular to the seam line.


Sewing Force 

Refers to the force required to open the seam either by breaking the thread or material.


Sewing can be easy to learn; you can even do it on your own and progressively improve. Of course, it is not necessary to acquire a sewing workshop or help from more experienced people. If you have the passion to fix, modify or create new garments, then sewing can be an ideal hobby for you. 


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