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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Why You Should Practice Acting As A Hobby?

Marlon Brando, Charlize Theron, Pamela Anderson, and  Samuel L. Jackson never imagined that they will one day become famous actors. You may never plan to be an actor but you can't really predict what will happen tomorrow. Being a popular face on TV has its perks, it can get you jobs and favors from people.


Many popular actors came from dead-end jobs to become an award-winning actor. Of course, you may not plan to reach that level but you never can tell. Acting is a rewarding hobby. You will have an opportunity to make people happy, intrigued them and keep them entertained.


While I was in college, some of my science student friends enrolled into acting classes for reasons other than acting. Appearing on television isn't the only reason why you should consider acting as a hobby.


In this article, we will discuss reasons why you should consider taking up acting as a hobby.


Top Reasons to Practice Acting as Hobby



1. Confidence


It is a well-known fact that most actors and actresses are very confident people. Once the camera is on, you will have to keep it real. As a shy person, you can benefit from the high-pressure situations that are associated with performing in front of a large audience.

Even if no one is willing to cast you just yet, going for auditions and practicing performance with your classmates will greatly improve your confidence in your everyday life.



2. Public Speaking


Of course, most science students are not the best social animals. Acting is a hobby that you can take up to boost your public speaking skills.


There are some jobs that demand you have a public speaking skill and one great way to get this skill as fast as possible is by taking up acting as a hobby. Mastering public speaking skill will come handy later in your personal and professional life.



3. Poise


Do you want to learn how to carry yourself with grace in the public? Take up acting hobby today! Actors are trained to let their bodies and faces become an extension of their acting. Directors and your acting teachers will teach you how to talk, react to situations and events, and even how to walk. 



4. Conversation


You can get great conversational skills just be taking up acting as a hobby. This will indeed make you a great communicator and can be very useful for certain jobs such as PR, customer service, and more.


As an actor, you will be trained in building suspense, knowing when to respond, and how to display the right emotions and facial expression. Take up acting hobby today to boost your conversational skill.


How to Start Acting As a Hobby At Any Stage in Life


It doesn't matter how old you are, you can take up acting as a hobby anytime you want. In this article, you will learn how you can easily start practicing this hobby at any stage of your life:



1. Decide You Want to Start Acting


Make a serious determination that you want to take up acting as a hobby. This shouldn't be like your regular New Year resolution which gets abandoned on the second week of the year.


You need to be serious and ready to commit your time to learning acting as a profession in order to enjoy the full benefits. If you already have another serious job, decide on how many hours you would spend on acting each week.




2. Enroll in Acting Class


If you are a college student or there is a college nearby, find out how you can enroll in some of their classes. Learning acting with other young and enthusiastic students will help you master this skill as soon as possible. 



3. Contact Your Local Community Theater


This is a great way to start getting cast. In most cases, your community theater will need volunteers to join their acting crew. Contact them to see if there are any open positions. Register with them and join them for their practices. This is a great way you can take up acting as a hobby for free.



4. Shoot a Short Video


YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are full of short videos of amateur actors and actresses. In fact, some of these people have found their big break just by making short videos like comedy or pranks. It doesn't matter; the point is to see how you perform when faced with a camera.


Thankfully, since you are your own director, you will have all the time in the world to correct your mistakes. When you are done, upload to social media or get your friends to critique it. You will get better with time.



5. Go For Auditions


Check out websites such as and other popular acting websites for upcoming auditions. It doesn't matter if you get cast or not, since this is just a hobby for you, try and go to as many auditions as possible. Each audition is unique and will help you learn until you become good or achieve your aim of taking up acting as a hobby.



Acting is one hobby that can lead to a life of financial-freedom and glamour later in life. Most actors today never envisioned themselves as an actor, today; they collect millions of dollars to feature in a movie or TV. Whether you plan on becoming an actor or not; taking up acting hobby will equip you with useful life skills.


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