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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Face painting.jpg

Face painting

Face painting is when you apply unique cosmetic paint to a person’s face in an artistic way. There are specific cosmetic paints that are used for the face. Used in old times when hunting, for military purposes and religious reasons, the history of face painting is extensive and big. Face painting became famous during the hippie movement in the late 1960s, when young ladies decorated their faces with symbols and flowers at many demonstrations. The patience you learn while trying to make the perfect color combination is a lesson that will be in your mind for years. Face painting can be more than just a hobby.

face slap.jpg

Face slapping




Facebook is a social media website and a mobile application that is developed to increase public relations. It is a popular source of information also. You can contact your old friends with the help of Facebook and chat with them anywhere. It is just an easy way to keep connecting with your loved ones.

Faking your death.jpg

Faking your death

Faking your death is a trick or a game in which you leave such kind of false pieces of evidence, which proves that you are no more. There are many moral objections to this game, but still, you can play it with your friends in staying in the limits



Falconry is hunting of wildlife animals in their natural habitats by using highly trained pet birds such as falcons. There are many kinds of birds that are used for hunting purposes. In some countries, the falconry is banned, but you can play falconry on a limited scale only on your premises.

Family Business.jpg

Family Business

Every family has its unique and specific activity, for example, the carpenter family is known for woodwork. You can start your family business in your free time. There are many benefits to the family business. You can take awareness of your family business and also get a chance to learn it. Your parents can help you in this regard in your free time, and you can learn from them too. So, start your family business if you are free.

Fantasy Football.jpg

Fantasy football

Fantasy football is a virtual game in which you will find yourself as the manager of the team you liked most. It is straightforward to play this game, and most importantly, you can make your team combinations. You need only a smartphone or a mobile to play this game, and you can quickly log in to the fantasy football website. You can also compete with your team with the teams of your friends and family.



Keeping domestic animals for their meat, eggs, and milk and growing crops for them is known as farming. You can quickly build your farm by buying some animals such as cows, buffaloes, goats, and hens. You need only a small piece of land to grow crops that work as food for farm animals. This is the best hobby we recommend because there are many benefits to farming. You will obtain fresh meat, milk, and eggs from farming, which are very necessary for a healthy lifestyle.

Fashion (Be fashionable).jpg

Fashion (Be fashionable)

Everyone wants to look beautiful and charming, and fashion is the best way of obtaining your desire charm and face figure. Fashion is the modern way of life in which you will wear modern cloth, trendy shoes, and stylish makeup. Nowadays, fashion is not restricted to clothes and shows, and it is also involved in behaviors. You can also look fashionable by wearing modern and trendy clothes and spectacles which suit you perfectly. Being stylish, everybody likes you among your friends and family.

Fashion design.jpg

Fashion design

Fashion designing is an industry of millions of dollars nowadays. If you have a creative mind regarding fashion, you can be a very successful fashion designer and can correctly design clothes and shoes for yourself and other people. You can even open your boutique if you have some experience in fashion designing. There is many computer software available now, which can help you in fashion designing.

Fashion dolls.jpg

Fashion dolls

Fashion dolls are toys which are designed in such a way that these can reflect present fashion trends. Fashion designers usually develop different dolls to reflect their designs as a symbol. Fashion dolls are an effortless way of marketing your designs as a fashion designer. You can make your fashion dolls according to your designs collection and present them in the market for selling and feedback.

Fastest eating.jpg

Fastest eating

Fastest eating is a competition of eating a specific food in a given fixed time. Food lovers are the best target of this hobby. If you are also a food lover, you can arrange the fastest food competition at your home and challenge your friend to compete. You should select a portion of very healthy food for this purpose. You can also try the fastest eating alone when you are free at your home.



Fasting is a kind of dieting in which you will willfully avoid eating for a specific time. Usually, fastening is adopted for weight loss, but it can also be used for a healthy lifestyle. It is the doctor advised that you should eat your next meal when the last meal absorbed and digested utterly. That is why you should try fastening particular when you are free at your home, and you have no work to do.

2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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