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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Ice bucket challenge.jpg

Ice bucket challenge

The Ice Bucket Challenge, once in a while, called the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. It was a movement including the dumping of a can of ice water over an individual's head, either by someone else or by themselves. This act is to cause awareness and fundraising for ALS(Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). It circulated the web via web-based networking media from July–August 2014. The test urges assigned members to be shot, having a basin of ice water poured on their heads, and afterward selecting others to do likewise. A typical specification is that named members have 24 hours to agree or relinquish by the method of a kind budgetary gift. Thus having an ice bucket challenge as a hobby is the noblest deed.

ice diving.jpg

Ice diving is a kind of jumping. And this jump happens under the ice. Because jumping under ice puts the jumper in an overhead domain regularly with just a solitary section/leave point, it requires unique techniques and gear. Ice plunging is accomplished for motivations behind amusement, logical research, open wellbeing, and other expert or business reasons. Ice diving is an expensive hobby, not affordable for everyone. Ice diving also requires excellent skills, and you have to be careful as there is a chance of injury. But if you ever get an opportunity for Ice diving. Go for it.

Ice fishing.jpg

Ice fishing


Ice Hockey.jpg

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey, as the name indicates, is the hockey played by teams on the ice. Ice hockey follows the same game as hockey. In ice hockey, players use ice skaters and slate across the ice stadium at high speed. They use sticks like hockey to pass the punk on the ice. Ice hockey is not as simple as playing hockey, but you can adopt this as your hobby if you have an interest in it. Playing ice hockey is fun and exciting. If you have a bunch of friends and are to place ice hockey, this is a great hobby.

Ice racing.jpg

Ice racing

Ice racing takes place on frozen rivers and lakes and requires natural ice; thus, cold weather is essential to maintain the ice. This form of racing on ice involved vehicles like motorcycles, cars, and snowmobiles. Ice racing tracks are mostly oval. This hobby is most probably the best hobby for those who live in cold places like Canada, Europe, and North America, where the temperature is very low. If you are living in such areas, then Ice racing is a fun hobby for you. Running your vehicle on heavy snow is a real adventure, and it is most fun when done with four wheels.

Ice sailing.jpg

Ice sailing


Ice sculpting.jpg

Ice sculpting


Ice Skating.jpg

Ice skating

Ice skating is the self-drive of an individual over a sheet of ice, utilizing metal-bladed ice skates to float on the ice surface. This action can be completed for different reasons, including amusement, game, exercise, and travel. Ice skating might be performed on exceptionally arranged ice surfaces (fields, tracks, parks), both inside and outside, just as on normally happening assemblages of solidified water, for example, lakes, lakes, and waterways.

Ice skating is viewed as a gigantic game and recreational action with no age bunch limitation. It has seen that an enormous gathering of individuals has a bogus methodology concerning this game. They believe it to be a dangerous game, yet by giving a little consideration, one can be an ace of ice skating.

Igloo ( build igloo).jpg

Igloo (build igloo)




An illusion is based on the fact of how your brain reacts when you see something. It is our perception of how people interpret the same things differently. There are different types of illusions, but visual hallucinations are the best to practice. By making illusions, we can change how people see things. It is mostly about placing the items at the right angle. Visual illusions are fun to watch and are getting popular day by day. Many People are learning these illusion techniques and making fun illusion videos, and people love to watch them. By learning illusion as a hobby, you can also make it a source of living for yourself. It is a fun activity and a hobby.

2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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