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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Gadget reviewing.jpg

Gadget reviewing


Gaelic football.jpg

Gaelic football

Gaelic football is an Irish football game in which teams compete to their against their opponents and each team has 7 players. The rules are actually the mixture of soccer and rugby, and in 1904 this game has made its place in the Olympics. For football lovers or rugby lovers, the change of mixing these both games is really cool. You can play this with your friends.



Gambling or betting is wagering of money (or anything else as valuable as money) in a bar, club, event, or any other type of game. The main focus is, of course, winning the money or the goods. It's an illegal act but in some countries it's legal. however, it's not recommended for you to make it your hobby. You can play it just for fun and only with your friends alone. A professional gambler can earn millions of dollars every year, but the gamblers also take a lot of risk of suddenly losing all the money or getting arrested by local police.

Game of the Goose.jpg

Game of the goose


Gangsta Rap style.jpg

Gangsta rap style

Gangsta Rap Style is a musical style similar to hip hop. In this style the performs include gangsters lifestyle, which makes it more attractive. What people love about gangsta rap style that it needs a high level of creativity, it has more ambitious rhymes than others, It has grittier beats, and believe me or not people actually inspire from these types of musical videos. In the past few decades, this musical style has become very popular around youngsters. If you love spending time with these types of videos then probably you have to start gangsta rap style as your hobby.

Garage saling.jpg

Garage saling

Garage Sales are very popular. In the garage sale, people sell their used stuff that they are no longer using for themselves. Garage sales are a very good opportunity for both the individual seller and the buyer. The benefit with sellers is they don't need any business license and sales tax, and the buyer got the benefit at the lower prices than the market. If you have stuff in your home that you aren't gonna use, then you can start a garage sale to sell your extra stuff. But just selling is not in the hobby, because garage sales are fun and exciting, people love going to garage sales and love buying stuff. You can still have your exciting hobby of going to garage sales and buy stuff and if you think you can resell this stuff than you can flip your stuff on eBay or anywhere else. Very famous people have this hobby and they are making a lot of money. Like Ryan Trahan and Gary Vaynerchuk, you can find their documentaries on garage sales.



Gardening is the hobby for growing/cultivating eco-friendly plants, trees, and other garden making objects like grass, fungs, etc. Gardening is a relaxing and fun hobby, most people start gardening when they are old (50+) but we have to understand that gardening has many health benefits. If we choose to start gardening when we are young it can improve our lifespan which is scientifically proven. If you love eco-friendly hobbies then gardening is the best hobby you can start and encourage others to do this as a part of their hobby.

Gardening in Miniature.jpg

Gardening in miniature

For all the DIY and craft lovers this hobby is for you. Gardening in Miniature is a hobby people love to do when they are free. Most of the gardening lovers also do miniature gardening to give a spark to their hobby. It can be a joyful hobby if you love creating crafts or other mini DIY projects. You can create a small-sized garden for yourself or for your child. There are many types of small-sized plant species to make a miniature garden and also you can find accessories for mini gardens in any super-store. This hobby can improve your creativity and you can enjoy creating different types of mini gardens to inspire children to adopt the gardening hobby.

Garmon playing.jpg


Garmon is a musical instrument and the beats which a garmon creates are very interesting and people love enjoying these types of music. Garmon is a Russian traditional musical instrument that has buttons like a piano on its sides and it creates sound through air. If you haven't listened to this instrument before then once you enjoy listening to this music then you have no choice just to fall in love with it. This hobby will make your soul younger.

gemshorn playing.jpg

Gemshorn instrument

Gemshorn is an old ancient horn instrument the German people use these horns in ancient times, and the name Gemshorn is also a German name. But with time it has changed from just horn to a musical instrument, with this instrument you can create beautiful sounds and enjoy the music that you create from this simple instrument. Gemshorn is easily available online and you can learn to play this instrument in a few minutes. And adopting this as your hobby can be a good choice for you once you learn to create music with this instrument.

2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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