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2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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If you’ve ever, enjoyed participating in any athletic-like experience you can play 360 ball game. To make things a little trickier play a 360 game with your friends and enjoy your best time to play this game.You can play this game  in a team. It boost  up your physical and menatal health. You stay active and it impower your eye and hand coordination. As well as it burn your calories.



Do you love to play indoor games? Abalone game is best choice for playing indoor game. It is one of the most classical board game. Playing abalone game is a fun you  enjoy this game by playing with your loved ones. The equipment needed to play Abalone is pretty minimalistic. Basically, all it takes is a hexagonal board with 61 circular spaces, and 28 marbles, half in black and half in white.

Aboriginal art.jpg

Aboriginal art

Aboriginal art is a story-telling art of Australian origin. In this art, different stories were conveyed to the people with the help of charcoal rock art painting. This art is a combination of history, painting and story-telling. If you want to learn this art, you need to do a lot of practice and free time is a gift for this purpose. You can join an Aboriginal art class for learning objective in your free time. There are different types of Aboriginal art such as Cross-hatch, Dot-painting and stencil art.

a capella.jpg

A cappella

Want to sing a song without instrument? You can sing a capella by singing a song as a solo or in a group. A capella is one of the best songs you need to listen if you are planning to improve your tone. A cappella  singing is a simple technique as taking voice lessons. It  create a beautiful rhythm of your voice and assure you that you sing perfectly and you can enjoy your own voice.



Playing a accordion can be your best hobby in your leisure time. The most versatile of musical instruments, the accordion is lightweight and portable, and It give you a chance to play music by yourself . accordion can be played as a solo instrument. For playing accordion you choose the correct accordion for the style of music you want to play, adjust the straps correctly and get the correct playing position.

acid jazz saxophone.jpg

Acid Jazz saxophone

Are you a disco or club music lover? You can adopt and play Acid jazz saxophone. Acid jazz saxophone combines all elements of jazz, soul, funk and disco. While playing acid jazz saxophone you can fully indulge in the environment of disco music. Playing acid jazz saxophone without thinking about them freeing you to enjoy what you are playing and mentally prepare your next move without the frustration of concentrating on what you are playing.

acid rock guitar.jpg

Acid Rock guitar

Rock music lover? Playing acid rock guitar could be a great option for rock music lover. By playing acid rock guitar you can get relief from depression and anxiety disorders. It boost up your creativity skills and heal your soul, mind and body.  As well as it is a creative outlet that brings joy through the same amount of passion. It give hope and empowerment to others by bringing your talent to the public.

accoustic blues guitar.jpg

Acoustic Blues guitar

By playing Acoustic Blues guitar you can Feel and focus on the music. The acoustic blues guitar is the perfect vehicle to express your soul, inspire you and make you happy. The rich sound of acoustic blues guitar will enhance the quality of the melodies and chord progressions. You will play some nice and easy acoustic blues tunes and enjoy the moment of whatever comes out of your fingers.. By playing Acoustic blues guitar you can Feel and focus on the music.

aqua aerobics hobby.jpg

Aqua aerobics

Are you a fitness conscious? You can do aqua aerobics for maintenance of your fitness goals. Aqua aerobics is an ideal way to beat the heat; it allows you to enjoy the work out without getting dehydrated. Aqua aerobics is popular among fitness enthusiasts. While while splashing about in water you can  burn your extra calories in a cool and relaxing atmosphere. It reduces blood pressure as well as give relief from stress and anxiety.



Acrobatics is a foundational strength which give you a chance to improve your balance, strength, body control and acrobatic technique in a playful and supportive setting. It is a performance that needs agility, skill and proper motor coordination and can be seen in many events like sporting events, martial events and performing events. Acrobatics is linked with gymnastics and circus. It helps you to having a healthy body. Acrobatics skills are vital for circus performance

acro dance.jpg

Acro dance

If you have an excellent physical condition and you are trained in both acrobatics and classic dance you can do acro dance. Acro dance allows you to show your hidden talent of  both classical dance and acrobatic movements because it is the beautiful fusion of the artistic motion of dance and the athleticism of acrobatics. It involves a complete revolution of the body and helps to develop strength, flexibility and coordination.


2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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