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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Dance crew


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Dance electronic 




Dancehall is a piece of popular Jamaican style music and dance, which was originated in the early 19's. Many people love this style of music and dance due to its unique movement and styles. It is not only prevalent in Africa nowadays but in all continents. You can do the Dancehall even when you are exercising. It can also help in maintaining your body shape with amusement and fun. Dancehall is a useful hobby in your free time.



There are only a few peoples in the world who don't love to dance on a piece of good music. Everyone loves to dance in their free time. You can dance in any place when you are free and want some enjoyment and excitement. Nowadays, dance has taken the shape of exercise as well, and there is no doubt in it that dance can keep you healthy as well.



Dandyism is a desire to look beautiful, elegant, and dashing. You can adopt this hobby if you like fashion in clothes, materials, and behaviors. Dandyism is the name of looking dandy (Fashionable), and it was originated in the Roman Empire. You can design beautiful cloths and other materials such as handkerchiefs, for you to looking dandy and attractive for other peoples. Dandyism has now taken the shape of a professional business nowadays.

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Darts is a sport that includes throwing the small arrow-like missile towards the board, which has numbering on it. This board is also known as Dartboard. You can play it alone as well as with your friends and family. It is a fantastic way to improve your aim in your free time. You can play it anywhere because you need only a dartboard and some arrow-like missiles.

animal x ray.jpg

Dead animal x ray art


2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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