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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Kabaddi is a famous sport in South Asia that is played between two teams. Apart from players, there is no equipment needed. It is popular in Pakistan, India, and some other Southern Asian countries. It is also famous in the other part of the world where Pakistani and Indian communities are living, especially in the UK. You can enjoy this game by watching it live from the stadium but if you want to play it then you can join any kabaddi club according to the requirements.



Kajukenbo is a martial art. It is practicing in Hawaii. Let me tell you about the word “Kajukenbo” stand for is. It is a combination of many martial art activities like: KA for Karate, JU for Jujutsu and Judo, KEN for Kenpo a nd BO for boxing. All these things are practice in martial arts and people get training from well-known institutes. You can also join one of the best training in martial art centers. So in your free time, you can enjoy martial art activities and save yourself from depressive thoughts and overthinking.



If you have an interest in old music and musical instruments then you can enjoy playing kamancheh. If I am not wrong, then you would be thinking that what this is. Actually, it is a musical instrument belonging to ancient Iranian classical strings. It is a beautiful instrument with four main parts like a base, handles, bowel, and bow. After getting the training you can play beautiful rhyming poems and songs. It will become your favorite hobby while staying home.



It is also a musical instrument that belongs to Indian culture. Kanjira is somehow difficult to play. It is like a drum and popular in South Indian Carnatic music. Musicians use this instrument in concerts and people enjoy it. It is a wooden instrument which is made by a jackfruit tree. You enjoy it by listening to it in concert or even on social media. If you want to play it you have to get some training but you will love it.

Kanzashi art.jpg

Kanzashi art

Art and artwork are famous in girls equally no matter where they are living and what culture they are following. So here I am going to tell you about a unique and interesting artwork that will never get you bored. Yes, I am talking about “Kanzashi Art''. Kanzashi are hair ornaments that girls use to make different hairstyles. In this art, girls make flowers with colorful clothes and attach them to hairpins for making hair ornaments.



Karaoke is the form of music that is an instrumental version of a well-known popular song. The word Karaoke is derived from two words Karappo and Okesutura and it means “empty orchestra”. It is used to entertain people in club parties for creating fun games.



It is a kind of martial art and practicing with empty hands. Karate is used in defense against unarmed or armed opponents. If you want to make your mind strong and develop your muscles then Karate is best practice for you.

kart racing.jpg

Kart racing

Kart racing is also known as karting and this is a kind of motorsport road racing. It is like a machine that has four-wheel, an engine with a simple braking system and steering, and a seat. It is interesting and dangerous as well but you can enjoy it.

Karuta game.jpg

Karuta game




Kayak is developed for the water hunters to catch animals on the shoreline. People of all ages love kayaking and want to do it as an experiment at least once in life. It is an easy and enjoyable activity. Another plus point of kayaking is you can burn your belly fat by kayak paddling.

2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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