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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Machining is a very technical side of hobbies requiring some right equipment and mechanical knowledge to do it. Basically, machining is a process of cutting down any piece of raw material into any of the desired final shape and size. Different creative, as well as useful pieces, can be crafted out of this process. A controlled material-removal process is involved in undergoing the whole process. Though it is usually used on metals, one can use it to convert the wood, rubber, plastic and ceramic etc. to yield the same results. Alternating stages of rough cutting and then finishing cutting is done to get the final product in shape. Those who practice this as a hobby must know about the several cutting conditions and operations.



Macramé is a textile that is made of several knot making techniques. The hobby is very calming, and it requires minute attention to details. Two different types of knots are made to complete a macramé. A reef knot is used as the primary knots which are later replaced by half hitches to complete the design. Different belts and strips of leather and fabric can be made, using macramé techniques. In the past, the ship sailors used to make macramé designed products to make ornamental pieces during their long journey on ships.

Magic tricks.jpg

Magic tricks

Who doesn’t know about astonishing magic tricks? Magic is an illusionary performing art that tricks its audience through putting different illusions by using natural means. There are a number of magic performance types like the sage illusions, parlor magic, escapology, etc. in which different techniques are implied to create an illusion and entertain the audience. It is a skill and is learnt by different hobbyists who are interested in it.

Magnet fishing.png

Magnet fishing

Magnet fishing is an environmental activity as well as a hobby in which a strong neodymium magnet is used to pull the ferromagnetic substances out of the ponds, lakes, rivers and sea. The activity helps to clean the water as well as results in the discovery of some precious and historic metal pieces or engravings.



Mahjong is a four-player based game that was introduced in China in ancient times. The game has spread throughout the world, and now people are playing and learning to play it as a hobby in their spare times. There is a set of 144 tiles which their distinguishing symbols, in which different tiles are used to draw four melds and a pair.



Makeup is a hobby that many of the girls adopt. Using different cosmetics and implying them in different ways on face is also an art and is a creative activity that involves excellent cosmetics knowledge. Using this as a hobby and mastering it can even lead you to professional expertise, and one can be a makeup artist.

bucket list.jpg

Making a bucket list


Making t-shirt.jpg

Making t-shirt

Everybody loves to wear t-shirts as casual especially in summer because it is comfy and easy wearing. For less expense, you can make it by yourself at home. Making t-shirts as a hobby is a classic idea. If you are thinking that it might be boring, no not at all. You will enjoy it and make your free time worth it. Sewing t-shirts as a hobby will be fun and you can pick it as part time business.

Making electricity.jpg

Making your own electricity


Making Your Own Hot Sauce.jpg

Making your own hot sauce

Nowadays people love cooking at home and try to make new things with new recipes. There are thousands of things you can make in your kitchen. If you are free and want to do some cooking in a short time then making sauce is the best option. You can make hot sauce with all essential ingredients with your special quantity.

Mandala making.jpg

Mandala making


2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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