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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Nail art.jpg

Nail art

Women's favorite hobby is self-care, when it comes to their beauty they never miss a part of their body even their nails. The nail art has become a trendy hobby as it gives your hands an incredible look. It can be a hobby. Moreover, you can do a part-time job in a salon and charge for your art. You can learn from the internet and practice with your nails.

Native american art.jpg

Native american art


Nature diary.jpg

Nature diary



Nature walking

You may walk every morning with earphones in your ears and losing the calories you gained. However, nature-walking nature is a different thing. Nature walking is watching every bug, trees, flower, and ant. You need a pair of joggers and a camera and a place full of nature. If you are fond of colors, greenery, and flowers, you will love nature walking. It increases your knowledge about how important to know the names of things. Nature walking is really fun and an inexpensive hobby.

Navel fluff collection.jpg

Navel fluff collection

Hair men have many hairs near their belly button. These hairs when rubbed with the T-shirt take tiny fiber from the t-shirt and despite it in the navel of these men. It is almost blue. Collecting this fluff has become a hobby now. Cleaning your navel fluff can help you to lose weight and growth to your body hairs.

Needle-Felted Animals Making.jpg

Needle-felted animals making

Everyone loves needle-felted animals as they look so real and increase the decoration of your house. You can make your own needle felted animals at home. Making them is so easy you can learn from the internet and spend your time in some creativity.



Needlepoint is one of the oldest types of canvas work and a form of counted yarn embroidery. In this type of canvas, a stiff open weave canvas stitches yarn. It is simply a tent stitch technique. You can decorate your pillows, eyeglass cases, purses, wall hangings, and holiday ornaments. You can learn needlepoint work from Mrs. Beaton’s book of needlework it helpful in learning needlepoint canvas. Adopting needle canvas as a hobby makes you creative and gives a look at your decoration pieces. 

Negotiation & Persuasion Skills.jpg

Negotiation & persuasion skills





Nerf blaster gun modifying.jpg

Nerf blaster gun modifying


Nertz card game.jpg

Nertz card game


2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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