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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Cabasa is an african originated percussion instruments and similar to SHEKERE. The instrument is usually used in music therapy for them who have neurological disabilities. Cabasa is frequently used in Latin American dance. It gives the sound of a rattlesnake and often uses in Latin jazz and BOSSA nova. One who has good taste in jazz playing Cabasa can be a fun and good pastime.

caber toss.jpg

Caber toss

Caber toss is a Scottish event in which competitor toss 19 feet 6 inches large tapered pole that usually made of Larch tree wood and known as caber. Caber toss practiced at Scottish highland games as a national sport. There are many records for caber toss across the globe. Choosing caber toss as a hobby can be fun but ones need a lot of physical strength to hold and toss the caber and a lot of hard work, practice, and guidance about lifting, tossing, balancing, and flipping the caber.



A Cabaret is a form of stage performance. The venues for Cabaret are casinos, nightclubs, restaurants, and a pub where people do not dance. Cabaret is especially for writers, authors, and meetings. Choosing a Cabaret as a hobby can be a good pastime and fun. Moreover, it is a rewarding hobby.

cactus growing.jpg

Cactus(growing cactus)

Growing cactus is a good pastime for them who have an interest in gardening. Growing can be great fun as its plating and care are so simple than other flowers. It remains the same whole year. There are two types of cactus desert cactus and forest cactus. Cactus is one of most plants that feature the most beautiful flowers in the whole flower kingdom, as they are stark beauty.


Cajon drum 

Cajon is a percussion instrument and widely used in Afro-Peruvian musical instrument since the last 16th century. Origin of Cajon were the slaves in America. The Cajon has become popular in blues, pop, rock, funk, world music, and jazz. A Cajon serves as a drum and a seat for the drummer. Due to Cajon's popularity, it has become famous in America and Spain. Playing Cajon can be a good pastime when someone is interested in advanced music.


Cake decorating

Cake decoration has become quite different artistry. Cake decorations are embellishments on the top or sides of plain cakes. As the cakes are symbols of special occasions, therefore, a cake should be nice and beautiful. Cake decorating is a good hobby and can be a profession. 

calcio storico.jpg

Calcio storico

Calcio Storico is a combo of rugby and soccer with a heavy dose of wrestling. The game borrows so much from its historic roots that even the costume worn by players reflects that of 16th century Florence. There are 27 players in each team. In this adrenalin-pumping game, players can use both hands and feet, and score goals by throwing the ball over a designated spot. 

calf roping (2).jpg

Calf roping

Calf roping may remind you of playing a matador, but it’s much less vigorous than a bullfight. Involving a horse and a calf, the secret formula of winning this game is to bring down the sprinting calf by tying its three legs together as you continue to ride the horse at full bore. Calf Roping is a pretty invigorating game to spend your leisure time and gives an instant surge of adrenaline in no time.

2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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