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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Lacemaking is a creative activity of making different decorative strips out of fabrics. There are different knotting techniques and styles that are used to make different patterns and structures over the laces. These laces can be later used for decoration as well as belting purposes. There are different types of lace making like the bobbin lace is made with different fabrics and different knots while the needle lace has only one fabric used in it.



Lacrosse is a traditional sports game of North America. The hobby is an outdoor sports activity that has two playing equipment, a lacrosse stick and a lacrosse ball, involved in it. The players divide into teams and play with one another. As the sport has a great; chance of getting injuries, so the defensive and precautionary equipment like pads is also importantly used.

Lamp making.jpg

Lamp making

Lamp making is a creative hobby that requires you to make different lamps based on different available resources. The lamps are made with a variety of designs and require high creativity. There are hundreds of tutorials on the internet that teach you how to make or design a lamp. So, if you are enthusiastic about this hobby, you have many ways to learn and practice it.



Landscaping generally means converting any piece of land into an appealing place. Landscaping is sometimes confused with gardening, but they are different. Gardening only deals with plants, you can’t do gardening in a desert, but you can do landscaping in deserts. There are different creative techniques used to convert the existing place to make it beautiful, using the already available resources, most of the time.



Lapidary is someone who cuts the stones into beautiful pieces. The hobby is very minute and detailed in which different cutting techniques are implied to yield fine cuttings. Not only stones, but it also implies to minerals, gemstones and converts them into gemstones and other faceted designs. There are different lapidary clubs and societies where these lapidaries gather and showcase their works to one another.



Larping is another performance-based practical hobby in which there are practical performances. But one interesting and distinguishing thing about larving is that in this the participants actually convert their physique according to the fictional character they are playing. The practice involves different participants. It’s much more like a stage played games show or an act depicting some fictional story.

Laser Tag.jpg

Laser tag 

Laser Tag is a blend of modern technology into leisure and play. Laser Tag is a laser-based physical game that is much like one another’s hunting. There are different players divided into two teams. Two types of equipment: A Laser gun to shoot the laser and a laser tag as a target to hit with the laser is worn by each player. There are different centres that offer monthly charges for these games. One can go and play there.

Latch hook.jpg

Latch hooking


making latex mask.jpg

Latex mask making


Latin learning.jpg

Latin learning

Languages are not just a medium of communication; they are a wide gateway to understand a lot of aspects about a certain culture. Some people love Latin Culture because of its richness and versatility. And this leads them to adopt Latin learning as a hobby. There are several practitioners who not only learn Latin as a language but also read their literature to get a detailed insight into that. It is an indoor intellectual hobby that will help you spread your vision and wisdom at the cross-cultural and historical level.

2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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