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Dream to have been on the air? Have An amateur radio as a hobby


Are you hopeless because you cannot be an announcer? Radio makes life to be so interesting and enjoyable. People love to talk about various issues on the radio and make it sound so fun to talk on air.


Radio has been one of the vital media streams where so many people listen to the radio for news updates, music and among other forms of entertainment. The trending aspect and the coolness of radio make people who love to listen be interested to be an announcer. If you think that you cannot make it happen but you have passion, don't give up. 


You still can be an announcer and have your own radio with amateur radio. If you imagine that you have to spend hundreds or even thousand dollars to build your own amateur radio, then you are wrong. You don't have to think hard about antennas, the license and more. You just have to be passionate and start doing amateur radio as a hobby.


Although it sounds daunting at first, you can build it gradually and eventually you will be in for enjoyment and excitement of having an amateur radio in your house. 


The first step is to understand the basic things will making an amateur radio. You have to understand the license and things to prepare when you are going to have your own amateur radio. There is much specific information linked to frequencies you need to know and how amateur radio works.


The second thing to do is that you can prepare the bucks and then join amateur radio club near your area. There you will find many guides to get you started on amateur radio including ways to start connecting with the satellite, to know the need of transmitting and the transmitter, the need of good network in amateur radio. 


Once you have it all, you can start broadcasting and get your license. There is a long way to get the license because there are numerous steps to master like how to handle the amateur radio, how to deal with the legal issue on amateur radio and more.


Once you  get the license, you can enjoy the excitement of having your own radio and then get on air to talk anything you like as long as you don't violate the rules of the radio and keep everything in peaceful and entertaining words, you will fall in love more in having amateur radio, because you get freedom to share ideas, share music songs you like and more.  

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